Golden Retriever Jessie Nurturing 2 Bunny Newborns

I tell you, I needed a story like this. Between all of the loss of so many beloved Goldens and all the loss from a war that makes no sense, and a country that seems to be losing all sense of purpose, I find escape in looking at the simplicity of family and a maternal sense of duty.


A maternal instinct: Golden retriever nurtures two newborn bunnies
By DAVENE JEFFREY, Chronicle Herald Staff Reporter, Nova Scotia

Jessie, a South Shore golden retriever, has become a media darling. Ever since the seven-year-old canine adopted three baby bunnies, she’s been in the spotlight.

“It’s nerve-racking,” said Janette Fisher of Hunts Point as she rhymed off a list of media outlets who have been to her home near Liverpool to witness the female dog mothering tiny rabbits. Most of the neighbourhood children, including a local Beaver troop, have tramped through her house as well to visit the animals.

The unusual story began about a week and a half ago, when Mrs. Fisher’s husband Marty took Jessie for a walk in woods near their hunting camp in Port Joli.

“One by one, she brought them out of the woods,” Mrs. Fisher said during an interview in her home Wednesday. “I had to get her out of there or she might have brought more,” said Mr. Fisher.

There’s more to this touching tale . . . .


4 thoughts on “Golden Retriever Jessie Nurturing 2 Bunny Newborns

  1. That is SO cute! I love the thought of animals caring for other animals! That is SO cute! I have one dog and the BEST thing he can do for the family is to SHUT UP!!!! My cat, too!!!

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