Golden Retriever Zeus getting in on the action


Intensity right call for coach
Jim Beardmore isn’t passive on the field or the sideline as he begins his stay with the Outlaws.

By Theresa Smith Special to The Denver Post

New Outlaws coach Jim Beardmore and his golden retriever, Zeus, now call Denver home. The Outlaws open the regular season at home Saturday. (Photo by Kathryn Scott Osler)

With a golden retriever named Zeus crouching behind the net, Denver Outlaws goalie Trevor Tierney pounces in front of 90 mph shots fired by the dog’s master, Jim Beardmore. … While Bud will commute from Maryland, Jim is unpacking in Denver with his constant companion, Zeus, who has transferred his mountain rescue skills to the lacrosse field, where he can fetch lacrosse sticks and open ball bags.

Said Outlaws general manager Brian Reese, “The dog is better behaved than Jim sometimes.”


“Go one day without sight, and you’ll see you still have vision”

PEORIA: Even without sight, you still have vision, graduate says
By LINDSAY SCHOON of the Journal Star

PEORIA – Samson became the first dog to walk across the stage during the school’s graduating ceremonies. Donning a dark blue cap and gown, a golden retriever proudly walked across the stage at Illinois Central College’s graduation ceremony Sunday afternoon.

Although Samson may be very intelligent, the schoo still does not grant degrees to animals. His owner, Nemoy Andre Malcolm, who followed closely behind Samson holding the dog’s leash, earned an associate’s degree in Arts and Science.

So are all men just great big babies?


Boy, does the following article remind me of my hubby Gary. Asking him to watch a visiting baby or puppy is downright dangerous, to say the least. I don’t think men have any understanding of what is really required when they have to provide undivided attention to something other than what is playing on a television at the moment. And, taking care of the mundane day-to-day chores is beyond him. Read through this entire article. It is so, so true.

So are all men just great big babies?

… I once left him alone in charge of Charlotte, who was then aged two. There was a rugby game on the TV, and he said I was to go off shopping, stop fussing, and leave them alone. I came home two hours later – to find a scene of devastation.

While Ross lay sprawled on the sofa, Charlotte had taken every single item out of the fridge. The floor was awash with Ribena, and she had smeared yoghurt all over the kitchen furniture. Not only that, but she had raided her sister’s poster paints and painted the dog’s head black.

The old fool of a golden retriever, Hamish, had patiently sat there while she painted his head. His eyes told me the whole story as I walked into the kitchen, my hand clasped over my mouth in horror.

“Don’t ever leave us again,” Hamish plainly told me. “That man should not be left in charge of a gerbil.”

Ross, meanwhile, claimed that Charlotte had been with him the whole time, and it must have happened in the last five minutes. It taught me a lesson, though – children should not be left in charge of children.