As Good as Gold Golden Retriever Rescue


Sheila and Bob Johnson have a sweetie named Sophie, who they recently adopted from As Good as Gold GR Rescue of Northern Illinois. Here she is enjoying some of the snow from this past winter.

You can find and visit all of our many wonderful rescue organizations at our foundation’s National Golden Rescue Map.

Sheila and Bob just let me know about a marvelous video as the president of the group was interviewed due to having gotten to the milestone of rescuing 600 Goldens. The program has 3 Goldens on stage, each one sporting a different personality.

Check it out by clicking here.


GOT MILK?? Golden Bethany doing double duty


Golden Retriever Bethany (love that name) recently gave birth to nine adorable and healthy puppies. And, amazingly, her girlfriend Springer Spaniel, Matilda, whelped a whopping 11 pups!

I cannot imagine taking care of 20 little babies, can you? Well, the two moms helped each other by sharing their “milk bar” responsibilities.

Golden Bethany lives in Rendall, Orkney, UK, with her human mom, Veronica Bailey.

Golden Retriever Mix named Bear is Reward!

4-year-old aided mom by dialing 911
Anchorage Daily News staff

FAIRBANKS — A preschooler knew to call 911 when his mother collapsed and lost consciousness, thanks to a children’s book his grandmother had sent several months earlier. …

Her son had practiced dialing 911 countless times in one of his favorite books, “It’s Time to Call 911: What to do in an Emergency.” The interactive book rewards its reader with a blast of emergency sirens and a cheery “good job” when 911 is punched into the keypad.

“You know kids,” Courtenay Sharpe said, “once they latch onto a book, they want the same story read to them over and over again. After awhile, he pretty much knew the book by heart.”

The boy will be honored in May by the fire department in Fairbanks with a T-shirt, a plaque and a ride on a fire engine.

His parents rewarded him with a much-wanted puppy, Bear, an 8-month-old golden retriever and Labrador mix adopted from an animal shelter.

What a great must-have book for anyone with young children. I love the interactive nature of the book and recommend it highly. And, remember, this recommendation (lol) is coming from a certified regular and special education teacher and reading specialist, areas I was trained in before becoming a school psychologist.

Demo Dog: Golden Retriever Pete


Josie Spence demonstrates to her first-grade classmates the proper way to approach a dog Tuesday morning at Glenwood Springs Elementary School. Pete was one of the canines representing Heeling Partners of the Roaring Fork Valley. Photo by Post Independent/Kelley Cox.

Students enjoy dog days of May: Session helped show kids how to treat animals
By Donna Gray, Post Independent

GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colo. — They were very quiet sitting on the floor of the gym Tuesday morning. But their eyes kept darting about, locking on the dogs that relaxed on the sidelines.

Tuesday was a special day for the first-graders and kindergartners, indeed for all of Glenwood Springs Elementary School. GSES counselor Leslie Way had arranged a series of school assemblies to teach kids how to relate to dogs and cats. But beyond that, she wanted them to understand there’s “a link between how we treat animals and how we treat each other.”

Golden Retriever Puppy Jack already on duty

This story took place close not far from my home in Baltimore County. Check out the video at the link below to get the total story and see Golden Jack as well. Thank goodness Jack already knew that his job was to protect his human baby brother.

Missing Toddler Reunited With Family

Kai Jackson Reporting

When they found Ryan, he was sitting down, dirty from head to toe and was being guarded by the family’s 10-month old golden retriever, Jack, who never left his side.

“The dog stayed with the young boy and protected him. If we hadn’t seen the dog, we never would have seen the boy,” said Stg. Edward Pister.