Golden Retriever Mailbox Sagas


This is a photo of the stone mailbox that I had built in front of our home. It is really very special as it incorporates one of my favorite puppy photos of our lovely Darcy girl. It took years to build because we had various stone masons working or not working on it, as in taking our money and then never showing up to complete the work …. or the dude who wasn’t a mason but who thought he could build the mailbox … oh my, it was so hideous that we had him knock it down asap out of embarrassment. Needless to say, this creation is going absolutely nowhere. Our house could be blown down in a hurricane and I suspect that this stone masterpiece wouldn’t budge. Of course, no other owner of the house will ever appreciate its Golden meaning.


We also have this huge Golden ceramic piece from a garden center sitting near the front of our house (Darcy smelling its aromatic contents) that weighs a ton. I can’t imagine how anyone would whisk that away either.

I bring all of this up because of an article that I saw today detailing a woman’s stolen mailbox, a very special one that had in a fashion memorialized her previous Golden.

Beloved mailbox stolen
By Lindsay Tice, Sun Journal Staff Writer

GREENE – Laurie Garrity was devastated when her young golden retriever, Ivy, suddenly died a year-and-a-half ago.

Garrity grieved for more than a year before she was willing to get another dog. When a friend handcrafted a golden retriever mailbox in honor of Ivy this winter, Garrity felt she could finally remember her beloved dog without so much pain.

Then, last weekend, less than a week after she put it up, someone stole the mailbox.

“It was like losing Ivy all over again,” she said. “I cried all day Saturday.”


Golden Retriever Jessie Nurturing 2 Bunny Newborns

I tell you, I needed a story like this. Between all of the loss of so many beloved Goldens and all the loss from a war that makes no sense, and a country that seems to be losing all sense of purpose, I find escape in looking at the simplicity of family and a maternal sense of duty.


A maternal instinct: Golden retriever nurtures two newborn bunnies
By DAVENE JEFFREY, Chronicle Herald Staff Reporter, Nova Scotia

Jessie, a South Shore golden retriever, has become a media darling. Ever since the seven-year-old canine adopted three baby bunnies, she’s been in the spotlight.

“It’s nerve-racking,” said Janette Fisher of Hunts Point as she rhymed off a list of media outlets who have been to her home near Liverpool to witness the female dog mothering tiny rabbits. Most of the neighbourhood children, including a local Beaver troop, have tramped through her house as well to visit the animals.

The unusual story began about a week and a half ago, when Mrs. Fisher’s husband Marty took Jessie for a walk in woods near their hunting camp in Port Joli.

“One by one, she brought them out of the woods,” Mrs. Fisher said during an interview in her home Wednesday. “I had to get her out of there or she might have brought more,” said Mr. Fisher.

There’s more to this touching tale . . . .

Remembering Golden Retriever Sophie

The following was featured at our blog on April 3oth, 2007.


Lysee, a long time Land of PureGold visitor, recently contacted me about her sweet 9 year-old Sophie. She recently made it through surgery where they removed her cancerous spleen and blood from her stomach. Sophie is one the mend with no visible cancer in her organs but chemotherapy was recommended as well. The chemotherapy could give her far more months, but it would involve 6 treatments, 1 every 3 weeks.

Of course, the big question is whether to put Sophie through more treatment. We had a similar situation with our Darcy and knew that we had to limit what we did for her because of her aversion to going to the vet and being away from her family and home.

Lysee has come to a similar decision as Sophie is enjoying her good days now. She is happy, playing, eating, loving, kissing, and more at home with her family and ‘her new puppy’ Abby ( 13 weeks).

Don’t you just love the above photo of Sophie and her little Abby playing together?


A Sad Update to Sophie’s Story

On May 23, 2007, we received the following glowing tribute for Sophie from Lysee and Mark Kierstein:


We opted not to do the chemo and thank g-d Sophie had the 6 wonderful weeks…..

The stars shine a bit dimmer this evening as if to pay tribute to the light that comes from within. The energy of the seas eases, at least for a day, to give respect to one who loved it so. Even the wind pauses to pay homage.The world is not the same.

Our beloved Sophie is gone.

For ten years she shared her life with us and for that we are blessed. Sophie epitomized everything that is good in the world. She was kind, gentle, loving and loyal. Traits we all aspire to in our own lives. From endless chasing of a Frisbee to swimming in the pool to finding that patch of ice to sit on, she was always ready to play. It was her job and she did it well.

Sophie had a real job as well. She was the official mascot for All Promotions and modeled the apparel and other items on the website. Her most important job was more than that . . . she was, and still is, a friend. In the truest sense of the word.

Sophie talked to us all the time. She told is when she was hungry (most of the time), when she needed to play, when she needed a hug, when she needed a belly scratch, and when she had enough. Sophie also understood as well. She always knew when we needed to play and when we needed a hug. She gave out kisses and “shmuggles” to all who needed them.

We learned to read only part of the newspaper. Sophie brought in the paper fine, and then had the urge to shred it into a million wet pieces. Everyday. The newspaper routine was usually a prelude to a Golden Moment. For those not familiar with Golden Moments, they occur when a loveable overgrown puppy has so much energy and playfulness built up inside that is explodes into a short but intense flurry of activity. We knew they were coming and never ceased to be amazed at how Sophie remained a puppy her whole life. Her greatest pleasure was driving in the convertible with her ears blowing in the wind.

Sophie came to us as a puppy and brought joy and love to everyone she met. If a stranger walked by, the tail was wagging. Her greeting to all was a smile and a swish of the tail. There wasn’t anyone she met that didn’t like ordidn’t like her. Her personality was contagious and her love for all boundless.

Sophie was the greatest member of a family that we could ask for. She was gentle with children when they would tug on her ears or put fingers in her mouth. She would play hard but never rough, she was strong but knew her own strength and always loved being with family. She would even put Abby’s head in her mouth but not hurt her, with her chin quivering so gently.

We mourn her passing but celebrate her life. She was a gift. We were lucky enough to have her share her life with us and hope that someday we, as human beings, can be as pure of spirit and heart as our beloved Sophie.

C’mon Sophie, let’s go . . . Last Call.