Very mysterious …. but way cool pet food crisis posting

Result of food crisis: my niece’s baby Hunter off the wagon & drinking again

I do not know who the dude or dude-ess is that runs the Lethal Dose Blog, but s/he sure does come up with some cool discoveries with respect to the pet food crisis. Just check out the latest Lethal Dose post below.

No wonder the pesticide people say pesticides are safe. To them it all looks like rice.

And, if you want some GReat links and info on the whole mess, just go to my FDA category listing.


Golden Retriever Loving? Scott Shields – What happened to the fraud probe?


Leslie Linthicum, of the Albuquerque Journal completed the following series of articles almost 3 years ago and I only wish I had discovered them sooner.

I would love her to become involved with the infamous Scott Shields, who I detailed in the article, TRADING IN ON TRAGEDY FOR FAME: Succumbing to the Lure of Truthiness.

Evidence of his fraud has never been fully investigated, even though it was detailed in the New York Post’s September 25, 2006 article, FRAUD PROBE HOUNDS RESCUER.

New Mexican’s Claims of Ground Zero Rescue Work Called Into Question

A 9/11 Phony — a series published starting July 11, 2004
Self-proclaimed rescue guru Doug Copp’s mission to ground zero was considered so important that he had clearance to be flown to New York even though all civilian air traffic in the United States had been grounded. Once there, he says he assumed a pivotal role and sustained devastating injuries while wading through the “toxic soup” in search of survivors and victims, and was awarded nearly $650,000 for his injuries. But there is little evidence Copp performed real rescue work, and it is doubtful that he deserves compensation.

Claims of Heroism Called Into Question
Appeals to 9/11 Fund Had Lawmakers’ Help
Justice Dept. Inquiry Requested by Udall

‘Bombero’ Arrives at Ground Zero
AG: Fund Raising Violated N.M. Law
Journal Jet Trips Not Unusual

Striking Out at Ground Zero
Doctors Differ on Ailments
Copp Apparently Missed 9/11 Fund Deadline

‘Knucklehead’ or Hero?
Copp Says Proof Is in the Footage

Widow Tells of Copp Ordeal (Sunday, July 18, 2004)
Feds Investigate 9/11 Injury Claim (Sunday, July 18, 2004)

Golden Retriever Alex — Convertibles & Bose Speakers?

Dog, 13, focus of custody dispute: Pooch’s owner left no will, $2 million estate
By Lawrence Buser, Commercial Appeal

Alex, a 13-year-old Golden Retriever, is at the center of a custody dispute between his deceased owner Ron Callan, Jr.’s mother and father, who are divorced.

While the various parties involved in a bitter Probate Court case agree on little else, they have this much in common: They all love Alex.

The estate of Ron Callan Jr. of Memphis is worth an estimated $2 million and there are issues over a boat and $200,000 worth of wine. But much of the focus in court so far has been on Alex, the 13-year-old Golden Retriever he left behind.

Callan left no will, so what to do with the dog and the rest of the estate must be hammered out in court. So intense is the fight over custody of Alex that a judge has appointed an attorney to represent his interests.

Now, check out this cool video that shows more of the story, and Alex being pampered by Grandma as he rides in a convertible and has Bose speaker headphones.