Most Fabulous Golden Retriever Quilt

I have never seen a more original quilt than this one. It was commissioned for someone who had just lost a beloved Golden. I cannot imagine the cost but I am looking into it and will be finding out more about how to contact Mary Brewster, the gifted artist that created it. Soooo . . . . . stay tuned!


12 thoughts on “Most Fabulous Golden Retriever Quilt

  1. I am an avid quilter of 25 years and I am impressed with the quilt on your website. It is not only realistic but what a blessing to the recipient. Keep up your good work and may this Christmas season be one to remember


  2. The quilt was a gift from Mary to my sister who lost her Tess this past summer. It looks just like sweet Tess and I cried when I saw it. Tess loved to lay on the floor with her head just like that and in fact the quilt was made 3000 miles away from a photo. So sweet.

  3. OMG this is the most beautiful quilt I have ever seen! What a priceless gift to receive. It makes me want to cry it is so special. I wish I was that talented to create something just like this with a picture of my 3 Goldens.

  4. this is quilt is so so stunning!!!, your right it is just priceless<3.. we are making some quilts for our goldeb rescue here in Illinois for our big fundraiser in May
    im just learning, but hope to be this talented some day!!! it is just Beautiful!!!
    it gave me tears of happiness to see this…what talent<3

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