16 Golden Retrievers explain atoms . . . really! – Updated

A crack team of PhD-trained Goldens illustrate the structure of atoms—the particles that make up everything around you. They also show how atoms are weirder than you might think. My favorite part is how they display the cloud effect.

Pets Teach Science aims to demonstrate tricky scientific concepts ranging from quantum physics to chemical structure, with the help of man’s best friend and other furry companions. They just set up shop this week via New Scientist Editor, Richard Fisher, and this Golden clip was their first venture. I say, “Woof Woof. Good job!”

I just subscribed to their Pets Teach Science Youtube channel here, hoping there’s loads more fun to come.

Not to forget the skill of the Goldens in the video, I learned more about the Southern Golden Retriever Display Team, which performs at Crufts every year. Here they are in 2009 from the show 8 months ago.