The Bumpass Hounds . . . continued

oh my goodness!

About a year ago I blogged about The Bumpass Hounds (and Kitties), shown above.

I continue to be in awe of Bill Stevens, the dude in charge of this bunch. As of Nov 11, 2009, the bunch is as follows:  Homer J.,12-year-old rescued Golden Retriever; the senior member of the pack. Jubal, 10-year-old Golden; JEB, 9-year-old Golden; Shelby, 6-year-old Golden; Jack, 5-year-old Golden; Abby, 4-year-old rescued Yellow Lab/Golden mix; Max & Shiloh, 3-year-old Landseer Newfoundland brother & sister; Radar, 1-year-old, blind from birth, rescued red Golden puppy; Alex & Boru, 7-year-old Maine Coon cats; and Jenny, 6-year-old rescued tortie “Ragamuffin” cat. The Bumpass Hounds rescues dogs come from Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue & Santuary (AHGRR) in Delray, West Virginia.

AHGRR pulled Homer out of a shelter. If they had not rescued him, he might not be here now. He is the oldest animal in The Bumpass Hounds and he has “special boy” seniority privileges. They rescued Radar from being put down because of his birth defects and he is a thriving normal pup now; well as “normal” as a blind pup can be.

I just love old Homer, something about his noble endearing face, I guess.

You can visit Bill and his bunch at their blog. Just tell ’em Rochelle sent you.

I was so tickled by Bill’s latest video. Usually his videos show Radar annoying his fur family members, but the cookie clip just was so cute. It was described at Bill’s blog this way:

Every morning after we have our breakfast dad goes off to the salt mines and leaves mom to give us our morning chewies for about 5 minutes of that elusive peace and quiet. However, when he gets home from work, and frequently on weekends, dad will hold muster of the troops for treat call . . . We are usually required to have our butts on the ground in order to receive our ration. Dad usually conducts roll call and sometimes he screws it up. In this video you’ll hear him initially refer to Homer when actually it is J.E.B. receiving his cookie, thus explaining the second call of Homer’s name. Sometimes it’s confusing with 8 or 10 dogs and Homer and J.E.B. are almost identical twins except that J.E.B. is golden and Homer is red; J.E.B. has a blue collar and Homer has a green collar, however, they’re both males and they are both dogs. Well, here’s a video clip of an afternoon cookie distribution formation. Note that Shelby Belle outsmarts the dad and is able to collect two cookies by stealthily, and quickly, placing her mouth at the end of dad’s hand when Homer (the real Homer) is supposed to be receiving his award.