A *Healthy* New Year … with some Golden assistance

A Happy & Healthy New Year from Goldens Teddy & Blythe

Here are Pat Lawson‘s resident Golden Retriever furkids. Teddy has been loving life these days since Mom brought home a female sweetie to be trained for Canine Companions for Independence. It is the first female she has trained, in fact, and honestly, there really is a difference between the sexes in Goldens. Surely, Teddy has explained that to her by now.

Pat is responsible for me having organic orange juice year round. I buy too many boxes to admit to as hubby Gary and I are addicted to these wonders from Arizona.

I have finished juicing and am now chilling my Arizona organic navel orange juice. Later, around midnight, I will be gently adding chilled champagne to create glorious mimosas. Yum!


Happy New Year (Golden Retriever Rescue style)

I recently received an email from Yankee Golden Retriever Rescue about their new calendars. But, honestly, the best part of the message were the Goldens sharing their own New Year messages. The problem is, they do not look too happy about the celebratory hat-ware.

Click on me to order a calendar!

Sunbear Squad Watch Tip of the Week: Dec 27th

The Sunbear Squad has resolved to make a difference for neglected and abused companion animals. They are transforming animal lovers into animal welfare defenders — with knowledge, tools, and inspiration.

Watch Tip: Watch and listen for Christmas kittens and puppies that are kept outdoors in bad weather, under porches or tied to trees. Take action to save them. Be a Good Samaritan for animals.

Be Sunbear Squad Informed
5 Simple Things
Bill of Rights for Pets
Risk Factor List
Learn about Abuse
Action Guidelines

Be Sunbear Squad Active
Neighborhood Watch
YouNet FAQ
Start a Squad
Free Materials

Be Sunbear Squad Prepared
Wallet Card
Roadside Rescue Kit
Disaster Plans
Reciprocal Fostering
SCRAPS Breathing
Be Sunbear Squad Inspired
Roadkilled Blessings
Be a Good Samaritan
Inspirational Sayings
Avoid Dog Slang
Humane Awards

From Anna Nirva, Sunbear Squad Founder

They watch through the windows, cold or wet or both, and no one cares.

A few days ago, they played with their littermates and were loved by mother cat or dog. But now they could be at risk for death from exposure, especially with winter storms roaring. Don’t let that happen. If you see or hear these tiny victims of Christmas, you must take action. Call the authorities, or go directly to the home and offer to help with shelter and food. You can offer to re-home the unwanted pet. Yes, you might step out of your comfort zone. But if you woke up tomorrow to find a tragedy, how would you feel about doing nothing?

Learn more about animal neglect and find a link to research laws in your state:

You can tell if families want their new Christmas puppies or kittens. They get to stay in houses. But sometimes a gift is unwanted—especially an energetic, wiggly, clumsy gift that may not be perfectly housetrained. They won’t get house privileges. If they are lucky, they may get to sleep in a weather-tight garage or outbuilding. The unlucky ones may get tied to porches or trees. Or they may just get put out the door to wander and watch through windows.

Learn more by clicking here. Also, Please forward this message to animal-lovers. Encourage them to become animal welfare defenders.

With bells on her toes . . .

Golden Rainey Beber (wearing outfit from silly Auntie Rochelle)

Golden Retriever Rainey is part of Suzi Beber’s large Golden furry family. We love Suzi, one of our foundation’s board members, who is making a huge difference in Canada for canine cancer. Check out all she does at Smiling Blue Skies. And, tell her Rochelle sent you.

Wishing all joy and peace.

Too sad

The video below details a memorial speed painting by Dave Larks of his sweet Golden Retriever Chester, who was taken from his family due to cancer, at a mere 18 months of age.

It is horrifying that he was only 8 months old when the cancer showed up. Chester spent his life with his family and never made it beyond their yard . . . he never made it up to the mountains.

Yet, it was believed Chester would have loved to have roamed free in the wilderness, so in the painting, Dave placed him where he believed his spirit would be happy.

A memorial painting of our sweet golden retriever Chester, who was taken from us too soon due to cancer. He was only 8 months old when the cancer showed up. He lived till he was 18 months old.
Even though he spent his life with us and in our yard, he never made it up to the mountains. I know he would have loved to have roamed free in the wilderness, so in this painting, I have placed him where I hope his spirit is happy.