Ut oh

Sorry for the lack of posting. No posts. No tweets. Injured my right arm near my wrist and can barely move my hand without pain. Of course, I refuse to go to the doctor. Hate them since they never seem to be able to fix anything. Computer is also going through a major repair.

Life is a tad more complicated than usual.


Golden Retriever Kona . . . What a scream!

What a scream!

Over at Golden loving Sue’s blog, she has been detailing her work for an annual party of all parties to celebrate Halloween. The party was this past weekend, and she shipped out her Golden mob to a pal. This is Golden Retriever Kona with his newly discovered find.

As Momma Sue says, “No Kona, this is NOT a new chew toy for you!”

I love that Kona. Reminds me of my baby boy Alfie.

they surely have us at hello

Smiling Golden & Tennis Ball by Ellen C. Maze

Smiling Golden & Tennis Ball by Ellen C. Maze

I simply fell in love with this image when I saw it. Ellen is graciously allowing my foundation to utilize it to create greeting cards, assorted apparel, clocks, journals, tote bags, ornaments, and Sigg bottles. I am hoping it spurs some purchases to help with fundraising.

I just love this watercolor rendering on my oversized 5¼” x 7¼” quality classic ivory linen cards.

And, it is adorable on the many other items available through our foundation’s CafePress store.

Eager faces, furry or not

President Obama recently went to Texas A & M University, in College Station, TX to speak about volunteerism. Check out the cadets and Collie Reveille VIII, the school’s mascot. They sure seem very excited to have this honor.  (Click on the photo to see it in its full size glory.)

Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

Golden Rescue Kaycee — what a GReat story & video

Kaycee is a purebred Golden Retriever who spent 9 years in a puppy mill producing litter after litter of puppies for a commercial breeding operation. She was thankfully rescued by Retrieve a Golden of Minnesota and is now in a foster home as she awaits adoption.

The following video is just incredible (now working as it was taken down and then posted again). I only wish I could take in this special little girl. She is a true Golden treasure and any family would be lucky to have her.

If you are interested in giving Kaycee a home where she can live out her remaining years surrounded by love, please contact Placement@ragom.org.

Golden Retriever Roxy at the Rim

Isn’t Golden Roxy adorable? Here she is with her BMBPET Springtime Cork/Bamboo Leash (her matching collar is covered in the photo by all that luxurious fur). Roxy’s mom, Lisa Collins, is a Grand Canyon Park Ranger, so we got this ultra cool photo of Roxy at the canyon rim.

These sets encompass form, function and beauty while keeping to sustainable materials and organic dyes to create a truly unique product. Springtime is a cork overlay with bamboo fabric design. The cork overlay is decorated with a beautiful purple and pink flower design and the bamboo fabric is a lovely tan. This is one of our most favorite designs in the line given its vibrant colors.

We’ve got lots of cool green items at our foundation store. And, it keeps our foundation going and able to provide monies to working dogs for their cancer treatment.