I just could not resist these Spudgy videos

Everyone, of course, knows that I am head over heels in love with Goldens. But, that doesn’t mean I am not an overall dog lover. I cannot resist any puppies, no matter the breed. Nor, can I resist kittens. They are even more fuzzy and irresistible, in fact.

Well, the following 2 video clips of a most adorable little Pomeranian named Spudgy, are just so funny. He reminds me of a pupper even though he is 10-years-old!

This little guy is unique in many ways, so, of course, he has his own way of getting a drink, as you can find out below.

And, on this next clip you will see Spudgy falling asleep while he’s sitting up. He is a 10-year-old Pure Bred Pomeranian. He is not narcoleptic. He is in good health but can’t breath through his nose; therefore, he tries to sleep sitting up. He sleeps through the night just fine on his side, though.


Golden Retriever Hero Jango — Updated!


See a video of Golden Jango and some other dog heroes getting their awards. Just click here.



Dogs At Work And Play

Koby Unger looks on as 10-year-old golden retriever Jango has her picture taken after being inducted into the Purina Hall of Fame Monday, May 7, 2007.

Jango woke the Unger family in time for them to escape a house fire which consumed their home. (AP PHOTO/CP, Adrian Wyld)



Dogs, cat honoured for heroism
By RICK EGLINTON, Toronto Star

… Another of the honoured pets was Jango, a Trail, B.C., golden retriever, who greets customers at her family’s pet grooming business and provides pet therapy to the elderly.

Last year in January, Darrell Unger woke up, a little annoyed, to Jango’s incessant barking. But a second later he remembered Jango doesn’t normally bark and realized his house was filling with smoke. Unger raced to his son’s room to find that Koby, who was four at the time, was unconscious.

He picked up the boy and navigated his way through the smoke-filled house by following Jango’s barking. Once safely outside, Unger went back into the house to get the two family kittens.

Const. Derek Gallon, who happened to be driving by and radioed the fire department, followed Unger inside and found him passed out. Everyone was treated for smoke inhalation and even the two kittens were rescued.

“Me and my husband have three heroes,” said Christine Unger, who wasn’t home that fateful evening.

“Jango is my first hero. My husband … he saved our son’s life … and Const. Gallon saved my husband’s life.”

Darrell Unger said that ever since the fire, which destroyed everything in the house, Jango has put on five or 10 pounds because there is no way he can deny his hero any treats. There was barely a dry eye in the crowd as everyone watched five-year-old Koby place the medal of honour on his pal, whom he now calls “babylove.”

Golden Retriever Murphy … reminding us of our Ollie


We have had many posts here about Golden Retriever Dave, the Math Dog (here and here and here and here and here).


Well, we recently learned that Dave sired a litter, and the family kept a puppy. Named Murphy, he is already showing himself to be quite the smart one.

He reminds us of our first Golden Ollie, who was always observing and then doing things that amazed folks far and wide. One of the first things Ollie did was to figure out how to fresh water rather than the stale, warm water from his bowl. He had watched his dad, Gary, in the bathroom get water buy pulling up on the faucet fixture. And, he had learned how to jump up onto the counter so that he could drink the flowing water right from the tap.

Ollie was obviously unable to manipulate the fixture himself as it was too far back on the wall for him to reach to even attempt pulling it up with his mouth. But, he figured out that if he urgently tapped on the faucet, that someone would come running and figure out that he wanted the water turned on. And, that is what he did on his own one day to our amazement.

What was really funny was how he decided that everyone should understand him and his desires. We found that out one day when a workman was busy doing some repair work at our house. I will never forget when he came to tell us that he thought Ollie wanted some water, as he had seen him tapping away on the faucet in our downstairs bathroom. Ollie figured out that all of the faucets were the same and would tap on the one closest to him, of course.

Now that I see the story about Dave’s son, Murphy, I only wish I had a faucet that was turned on by turning, as that skill was one Ollie had down pat. His tapping behavior, however, was the one that he used most of the time. It warmed my heart how he would be outside with Darcy and he’d know that she wanted to come in, even if he did not want to do so. I’d hear ‘tap tap tap’ at the door. Upon opening it, Darcy would run on in, but Ollie would opt to stay outside on the porch. What a gentleman he was to let us know Darcy wanted us. Sadly, when Ollie died, Darcy was initially so lost without him. He actually did some of her talking by relaying her desires, and now she had to speak up for herself. Amazingly, she learned rather quickly that if she barked at the door that someone would come let her in. And, like her mentor, Darcy now did this alerting behavior for both herself and Alfie.


Now, back to Murphy’s story. Frank (Dave’s dad) tells us that when Dave wants a drink he stands at the tub and he or his wife turns on the water. It seems that Murph (at only 4 months of age) is now turning on the water in the bath tub.

Dave won’t turn on the water. He waits until someone turns it on for him. One day Mom heard the water running but couldn’t figure out who had turned it on. After two days, she finally caught Murphy in the act … turning on the water in the bath tub.

Check it out here.