Remembering Seeing Eye Golden Retriever Gene


I just discovered a touching story about married Reverends, one being blind and having had a Golden Retriever Seeing Eye dog.

Reverend Eric Pridmore currently is partnered with Orson, a beautiful Golden Retriever-Black Lab cross guide dog.

Gene, pictured above, died of cancer on January 20, 2006, earlier having been diagnosed with cancer at age 7 in 2002.

In 2002, they almost lost Gene to cancer. He had malignant tumors in three of his legs and underwent surgery at the veterinary oncology department at Auburn University. But Gene regained his strength and for now is not letting anyone else take his place as Eric’s eyes.

Click here for a wonderful flash slide show of Rev. Pridmore and Golden Gene.


Hoping Golden Retriever Duke is doing okay


Metro Detroit coyote attacks get more brazen
By Christine Ferretti / The Detroit News

CANTON TOWNSHIP — Janice Palis has seen coyotes from a distance, but she never expected to see three of the snarling animals attacking her 95-pound golden retriever as she walked beside him in a nature preserve. Within seconds, Duke, 10, was ravaged in the frenzied fight on a trail in the 500-acre William P. Holliday Nature Preserve off Haggerty and Koppernick roads earlier this week.

“They got all of his front and back limbs, trying to knock him down to kill him,” said Janice’s husband Gary Palis, 50, whose 120-pound wife fought the coyotes off with a stick. “If she wasn’t there our dog would have been dead.”

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