Golden Retriever Custer: Drug-Sniffing Wonder

This is Golden Custer, a Drug Sniffing wonder. You can learn more about him and about drug detection at our foundation site.

Dogs searching for contraband at Lahainaluna – The random “sniffs” occur only in public areas of the campus
By Kelsey Fortey, Lahainaluna High School

Custer, a golden retriever being used as a drug dog at Lahainaluna High School, awaits orders to search from owner Whitney White.


Golden Retriever Tonka inspires first steps

What a great story this is, so instructive about how important the brain is and how it needs protection, such as when bike riding, etc. Do yourself a favor and read the entire thing, and then read it to your kids or let them check it out as well

School prinicpal and son teach a valuable lesson
By Terri Miles, Amity Observer Editor

. . . Before he came home, Austin was in the hospital for an entire year. After four months in a coma he was sent to Newington Children’s Hospital. While there, Austin underwent all types of therapy, but, according to his mother, really responded to the therapy dogs that were brought in.

“The nurses offered to find a therapy dog for him to bring home. I agreed, not thinking anything would ever come of it,” Murray said. His parents, who were told Austin would never walk again, bought a motorized wheel chair and altered their home so it was accessible.

After a full day of activities, the nurses came out of the hospital with a four-month-old puppy, Tonka, who was trained by monks in Massachusetts to work with the disabled. Murray said she was a little apprehensive about the dog at first, but found him to be a blessing in disguise. One day Austin was sitting in his wheelchair in the front room of the house, playing Nintendo games when Tonka began barking at him. “It was like he was egging him on,” Murray said.

When no one came to let the dog out, Austin decided to do it himself. “He stood up and took a couple of steps and then fell down, but those were the first steps he ever took and it’s because of Tonka,” Murray said. “Austin learned how to walk and we gave the wheelchair to someone who needed it.”