Golden Retriever Deuce, Denver’s Flying Puppy

Training ‘Deuce,’ Denver’s Flying Puppy

Denver’s only flying puppy, ‘Deuce,’ is attending some formal training sessions.

Watch the video to see an update on Deuce’s progress from SkyFOX pilot Rob Marshall.

You might see a handful of puppy training tips.


WOW! Golden Retriever Guide Dog & Therapy Dog Doer


Brightening patients’ lives – St. Anthony Summit Medical Center volunteers have a lasting impact
By LORY POUNDER, Summit Daily News, Photo by Mark Fox

FRISCO — The teenage boy laid lifeless in the hospital bed with tubes running from his nose, his eyes screaming of pain. He had “wrapped himself around a tree snowboarding,” explained his dad who was sitting nearby in the room on the second floor of St. Anthony Summit Medical Center in Frisco.

The 16-year-old looked as miserable as he probably felt, but when Doer (pronounced DOO-er) sauntered up to the side of his bed, the boy’s eyes brightened and he reached over to pet the golden retriever’s head. “Thanks for bringing him in,” the boy told the Doer’s owner, Ron Lindblade. “He’s a nice dog.”

Doer is a seeing eye dog and a pet therapist for patients at the hospital. He wears a specially made red volunteer vest as he and Lindblade, of Dillon, make the rounds every Thursday and Sunday. They are among the volunteers who play an important role at the hospital, helping and comforting patients.

There’s more to the story . . . .

Assistance dogs receive travel training

Assistance dogs receive travel training
By Jennifer Moxley, News14

CHARLOTTE — As part of a volunteer team called the “Do Crew” some US Airways employees spent Wednesday working with some special passengers. The airline workers trained several different assistance dogs to familiarize the animals with airports and airline travel.

Assistance dogs can be guide, service or hearing dogs, and all need exposure to an airport scenario, so they are ready if their owners have to travel.

“An airport’s very exciting to dogs especially if it’s their first time. They often have a lot of smells that they’ve never encountered before and also people get excited to see dogs in airports because it’s not as common. So the dogs have to learn to deal with a lot of distractions and still learn to pay attention and do their job,” said Jennifer Rogers, Executive Director of PAALS. “We want to make sure the dogs have already gone through that process with a trainer or a handler and this way we make sure they’re really ready to go when the person needs them.”

There’s more to the story that also includes a very cool news video clip

Puppy or chicken? You decide.

Again, I could not resist this video of a French Bulldog puppy who has the unnerving habit of sleeping on his back, with his arms straight out in front of him. His dad says, “No, he’s not dead. No, it’s not an elaborate prosthetic dog. No, he’s not a rubber chicken. If you look really carefully, you can see him breathing.”

Just click on the youtube icon below to get to the video.