Canine Freestyle Dogs — what a trainer

I just discovered this video of a trainer with 2 of her dogs. Her videos show her to be an incredible clicker trainer and if you watch some I am sure you will agree. Having taken canine freestyle classes, I can tell you some of the behaviors that she has taught her dogs are extremely difficult. I absolutely love the footwork towards the end of the clip. Check it out.


Golden Retriever Dave the Math Dog — performing again


We have had many posts here about Golden Retriever Dave, the Math Dog (here and here and here and here and here).

Well, Frank, Dave’s dad just emailed us about his latest appearance. You can see a video clip of him performing by clicking here.


And, here’s the news article:

Dog-Gone Math Whiz Click For Video!

QUINCY – A super-star dog helps fundraise for the Golden Lions Club. This golden retreiver does much more than sit and roll-over. “Dave the Math Dog” knows numbers.

Dave the math dog can do almost anything with numbers. Frank Ferris, the dog’s owner says, “He can add, subtract, multiply, divide. He can do square roots, exponents, algebra. He knows how old he is. What month, what day he was born.” The gifted retreiver performs all over the country. His trainer says math comes easy for Dave who uses his paw to count out the answers.

Dave is 8 years old. He’s been doing math for two and a half years. Dave knows numbers in 20 different languages. Ferris can’t explain why Dave understands numbers. But he says its great to see students interested in math.

Ferris says, “Calculations are very important and we just like to keep kids motivated in math because it is such an important subject.” Audience members agree. They say it’s quite a treat to see Dave perform.

“I loved it. It was great.” “I could never do that stuff and I thought it was really awesome that a dog could do that.” The math dog has fans of all ages. They say Dave keeps everyone counting.

I feel like digging a hole big enough to hide in, just like Golden Amber

I feel like digging a hole and hiding just like Golden Amber when I read articles such as this, Lax FDA allows us to be food guinea pigs.

It lets us know we now need to add another ingredient to be on the lookout for with respect to avoiding: milk protein concentrate And, until we get Country of Origin Labeling, we are at the mercy of the many self-serving corporations out there controlling all that we eat.

Retired Golden Retriever Leader Dog Annie now a *Star*


What a wonderful job for Annie, to perform in the following play. It is wonderful to see her having such a special life of retirement with her veterinarian mom, Dr. Laura Fisher.

Retired Leader Dog Finds New Career in Theatre
Leader Dogs for the Blind

Retired Leader Dog “Annie” recently played Belle, Helen Keller’s family dog, in a production of The Miracle Worker at the Baldwin Theatre in Royal Oak, Michigan. She was in 11 performances from March 30 through April 15, 2007 and received rave reviews! Audiences were spell-bound by her performance as the tormented family dog that Helen chased around the house and practiced her newly learned sign language skills on.

Upon graduation from Leader Dogs for The Blind, Annie worked in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan as a dog guide before being retired. She now resides with Leader Dog veterinarian, Dr. Laura Fisher. Since retirement, she does public relations work for Leader Dogs for The Blind. She made her television debut in December 2004. Since then, she has been featured in local newspapers and newscasts. In her spare time she likes to swim, play in the snow, take walks and play with her beagle mix housemate, Dundee.

Annie received help keeping on cue from “Stage Moms” Laura Fisher, Kathy Mazur, Eliie Rudeseal, Debbie Komondy and Sam Ziegenmeyer, all Leader Dog employees that acted as her handlers.

Stagecrafters Baldwin Theatre provided equal access to the blind community for The Miracle Worker through designated performances with audio description and pre-show back stage touch tours.

Leader Dogs for the Blind is one of only two schools in the world that have a dedicated dog guide program to serve the Deaf-blind community.

Golden Retriever Chewy – A Blueberry Facial to Pet Food Crisis

I just did not know how to approach this particular post. How the news piece blends a blueberry facial with the pet food crisis is rather interesting. It seems a woman with a Golden named Chewy has a store that only carries the more premium kibbles (no wheat gluten, soy, corn), including those that are organic. But, then the piece gets into home cooking your dog’s diet as well.

It must be a pretty posh place as it begins with Chewy getting the blueberry facial, which honestly, I have never heard of or seen before. While blueberries are a top antioxidant for both humans and dogs, and an ingredient in the home-cooked diet that Alfie gets, I have not seen it used externally.


Healthy Pet Food Can Be Found In Store (Or Cooked)
By CBS4 producer Vicki Hildner, Molly Hughes Reporting

(CBS4) DENVER When a golden retriever named “Chewy” gets blueberry facials and has a pet store named after her, you know she eats right.

Chewy (short for Chewbaca) and her brother, Obi (you don’t have to be a Star Wars fan to get the theme here …) spend their days at Chewy’s in the heart of the new Lowry downtown.

Their owner, Julie Neva, stocks the store with pet foods you may not have heard of: Wellness, Nature’s Logic, Merrick, Karma and Nature’s Variety. “These are small companies,” says Neva, as she hoists a large bag of dog food down from a shelf. “So they don’t have the marketing dollar to get their name out.”

They are also companies that use organic products and avoid pet junk food. So when the recent recall started, Neva had one thought. “I’m saved,” she says, with a smile and sigh of relief. “I knew my foods did not include wheat gluten.”

But worried pet owners suddenly discovered Chewy’s. “The phone ran off the hook,” says Neva. Neva heard the same refrain from worried dog owners who were suddenly reading labels. “They all said the same thing: I can’t believe I’m feeding my dog this stuff.”

Alameda East Veterinary Hospital’s pet nutritionist Carol Rosenfield advises her clients to look for good sources of protein on labels, like organic chicken or fish. She advises pet owners to avoid ingredients like wheat gluten, corn, soybeans, byproducts, artificial chemicals, additives, coloring agents, preservatives and any product labeled “hulls,” like peanut hulls. And, she says, don’t assume that feeding your dog an organic or natural pet food will cost more. Because those foods are more nutritious, you can feed your animal smaller portions, and in the end, you may even save money.

If the true the way to do your dog’s heart is through his stomach, though, you might want to cook your own pet food. With Rosenfield’s help, CBS4’s Molly Hughes tried doing just that. Just five minutes after starting, her bulldog Rocky was happily chowing down on a mixture of cooked chicken, cooked rice, peas, pumpkin, salt and a multivitamin.

There’s more with a cool video clip . . . .