Herbie and Jabby are in love. And, ya gotta admit, this little pitbull puppy is too sweet.

Dom provided this wonderful video last month. She is a young Jersey girl with a love of horses, working for the SRF, a non-profit that rehabs, re-trains, and finds adoptive homes for non-competitive racehorses. You can follow this pair at her blog.



BIG and tiny. Truly amazing.

Ellie with her kitty baby, Angie

This story is everywhere, and rightfully so. Ellie has adopted little kitty Angie. A soft meowing outside her Atlanta home two weeks ago has most certainly created a major rift in cyberspace. And, it has turned a dog-loving, allergic-to-cats home, into an inter-species realm. This photo is from Ellie’s Facebook page . . . and yes, be sure to get on over there to make a friend request so that you can keep up with how the story progresses.

Camille and Mari Ryan Heschmeyer say their dog Ellie has taken “ownership” of this tiny abandoned kitten after she found her in the back yard. Now, she has become Mom, now lactating and nursing her and never letting her out of her watchful site. Yes, allergies or not, little kitty Angie is there to stay.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Eleanor Jane (Ellie for short) thinks Ellen needs her and Miss Angie on her show. I’m sure it won’t be long.

Golden Retriever & Leopard Best Friends


10-month-old leopard Salati leans in for a cuddle with her best Golden pal Tommy


We first featured Leopard Salati and Golden Retriever Tommy on June 20th, but just discovered a great video of the pair in action. At Glen Afric Country Lodge near Pretoria in South Africa, one can see a somewhat odd pairing. Rescued as an orphaned cub, Salati came to this family-run country retreat, which does great work rehabilitating injured and destitute animals. Their huge enclosures also allow those animals who will never be able to survive in the wild to enjoy wonderful lives. This unique lodge is open to both day visitors and resident guests every day of the year. With elephant walks, viewing of lions & giraffes, horse riding, and afternoon guided walks, it seems to be a marvelous way to enjoy wildlife.


Baby Salati


Salati is the newest member to the family of Glen Afric, coming to the facility in June 2009 at 6 weeks old.

Animal wrangler Richard Brooker, 23, raised Salati and takes her and family dog Tommy for their daily exercise together. Each morning, he walks them on his family’s 1,850-acre estate and then lets them run free to their hearts’ content. He said: ‘Wherever you see one the other is right behind. They are inseparable and both have lots of energy so they get the exercise they both need together.

‘When we first received Salati she was tiny and Tommy could chase her around. But now with Salati matching him for weight the tables have turned. ‘It’s all fun and games and they love playing together. ‘But dogs aren’t used to being chased by cats almost the same size as them. I think it was a shock for him when she started doing the chasing but it’s fun to see them exploring together.’


These traveling companions lie contentedly together waiting to go on a good run-around together in lots of space.


Enjoy this great video of an incredible duo!

Buddy does not like sharing his ball.

This deer was found alone and malnourished when it was a tiny baby. He was bottle fed until he began eating grass. Several months later and he’s very socialized with people, the family’s black lab, and their cats. He is free to wander and has been seen with several herds of whitetail and axis deer, fitting in just fine with them. However, he frequently comes back to the house to eat some catfood and play with the family’s Black Lab, Buddy.  This video was shown on the Bonnie Hunt Show, The Ellen Show, and Anderson Cooper 360.

GOLDEN patience

Golden Retriever Alfie & Feral Rescue Kitty Cindy

The video below reminds me of my Golden Alfie and kitty Cindy. Cindy does not often show much affection, but occasionally will begin rubbing against Alfie, headbutting him, or licking his face, head, and paws. He gets so nervous, afraid to look at her or even move. Since, most of the time she is swatting at him, he cannot understand what comes over her change in disposition.

There is actually a 3-video series of Golden Retriever Tulsa and Tabby Tiger attempting to become friends. This is part 3 of the ongoing “saga” of tiger, a buff colored tabby trying desperately to engage Golden Tulsa. Tulsa is an incredibly patient and good boy, but seems to just tolerate Tiger, looking like he’d rather run away!