Golden Retriever Mailbox Sagas


This is a photo of the stone mailbox that I had built in front of our home. It is really very special as it incorporates one of my favorite puppy photos of our lovely Darcy girl. It took years to build because we had various stone masons working or not working on it, as in taking our money and then never showing up to complete the work …. or the dude who wasn’t a mason but who thought he could build the mailbox … oh my, it was so hideous that we had him knock it down asap out of embarrassment. Needless to say, this creation is going absolutely nowhere. Our house could be blown down in a hurricane and I suspect that this stone masterpiece wouldn’t budge. Of course, no other owner of the house will ever appreciate its Golden meaning.


We also have this huge Golden ceramic piece from a garden center sitting near the front of our house (Darcy smelling its aromatic contents) that weighs a ton. I can’t imagine how anyone would whisk that away either.

I bring all of this up because of an article that I saw today detailing a woman’s stolen mailbox, a very special one that had in a fashion memorialized her previous Golden.

Beloved mailbox stolen
By Lindsay Tice, Sun Journal Staff Writer

GREENE – Laurie Garrity was devastated when her young golden retriever, Ivy, suddenly died a year-and-a-half ago.

Garrity grieved for more than a year before she was willing to get another dog. When a friend handcrafted a golden retriever mailbox in honor of Ivy this winter, Garrity felt she could finally remember her beloved dog without so much pain.

Then, last weekend, less than a week after she put it up, someone stole the mailbox.

“It was like losing Ivy all over again,” she said. “I cried all day Saturday.”


5 thoughts on “Golden Retriever Mailbox Sagas

  1. Rochelle,

    Where did you order the house number plate with the Golden? I would love to have one of those.

  2. Nora, I had that made. It is a wood base and I found an artist to paint it with the photo of Darcy. I actually designed the shape and coloring and lettering of the numbers and presented her with the design. I don’t even know how I found her and if I even have the information. But, you could go online and research folks who do custom painting of signs and have them look at what I created.

  3. Thanks, Rochelle. I’ll do that. It is very beautiful. You designed it so nicely and the artist did an excellent job.

  4. But, totally out of place with the small house and only 1/3 acre of land with it. Of course, that didn’t stand in my way lol. I always wanted a stone mailbox and so I got me one. And, a Golden Retriever embellished one at that.

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