Felon Scott Shields … from shortly after 9/11 to June 27th



Sentencing for convicted federal felon Scott Shields isn’t slated until June 27, 2008 at 4pm. Scott will be appearing before US District Judge Robert Sweet in courtroom 18c (United States Courthouse: 500 Pearl St., Room 1920, New York, NY 10007).

My disability keeps me homebound much of the time so I’d love to hear from anyone who believes they may be in the courtroom for this long-awaited event. This is the preliminary control date for sentencing so I will be trying to confirm the final date when it does become available. I will not be surprised if it takes place even later than the end of June.

Obviously, those wheels of justice, turn very, very slowly. And, you know what that means? Through his bogus nonprofit foundation, Scott is left for almost 3 months to swindle more folks, tell his lies to more innocent children, and whatever else he does to support himself in his expensive Princeton townhouse (despite not working one day since before 9/11).

Please, just imagine how much money he has taken in through his foundation to have allowed such a lifestyle all this time. Boggles the mind, doesn’t it?

You can catch up on this Golden Retriever abusing con-artist by clicking here.


3 thoughts on “Felon Scott Shields … from shortly after 9/11 to June 27th

  1. Scott Shields is alumni of Windsor Mountain School.
    Very embarrassing.
    He wound up trying to con fellow alumni for his bogus fund.
    At first we believed him until some of us started talking among ourselves. A few saavy members smelled a rat.
    I have a brother who sells Fire Engines for a living and
    is a Volunteer Firefighter/Paramedic. Who told me that he
    knew of him and told me to stay away.
    Another friend has a sister who holds a pretty High position
    in the Parks Department and she warned us.
    Finally one of our friends who works for the US government (I really do not recall which branch) contacted some sources and emailed Safety Shields confronting him and his sister on their scam
    This despicable person has managed to con many people
    in NYC with his tall tales.
    As many of us from the Windsor Mountain had lost friends & family in 9/11 and are animal lovers. We were ready to string him up ourselves (if was legal).
    He is evil and we are trilled to see
    justice has finally been done. I personally hope he gets
    the maximum without parole.

  2. Please do write a letter to the Judge as I have detailed in previous posts. And, get these other folks to write in. I suspect that given Scott’s non-criminal offense, his pleading guilty, and his getting many cronies to write in letters about his heroic deeds, he will be let off with a slap on the wrist.

  3. Finally JUSTICE! I have been telling people for years that this guy was a “NUT JOB”. PS: He didn’t do a damn thing in New Orleans either. Captain my A$$!

    God Bless America & All the Real Hero’s of 911.

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