Afternoons with Puppy … A new Must-Have Book!

pupp.jpgAfternoons with Puppy: Inspirations from a Therapist and His Animals is Dr. Aubrey H. Fine’s newest publication (Nov 2007), his seminal book on animal-assisted therapy, Handbook on Animal-Assisted Therapy: Theoretical Foundations and Guidelines for Practice, now in its second edition.

Dr. Fine, a licensed psychologist and professor at California State Polytechnic U, is an internationally renowned export on Animal-Assisted Therapy.

The praise for Professor Fine’s newest book is quite extensive . . . and telling. And, truly, it would be hard for me to improve upon the magical words of authors Dean Koontz & Susan Chernak McElroy, or that of Dr. Marty Becker, who provides the book’s foreword. The book is described this way:

The inspirational stories in Afternoons with Puppy are all about recovery. Dr. Fine’s journey with his animals have enriched the lives of many patients. The subtle interactions, the soft touches, the silent signals of Fine’s unique therapeutic process have led to awe-inspiring successes.

Afternoons with Puppy is a compelling story of discovery the discovery of a brilliant process of learning and relearning from therapist to patient to animal. Within the pages, Fine reveals how more than twenty years of continual engagement has uncovered new paths, connected hope and healing, and renewed meaning and purpose.


I must admit that this book had quite special meaning for me, and much of its reflections could have come from my own experiences in utilizing my Goldens through private practice work with children. And, I read it cover to cover and was captivated throughout. Dr. Fine is a wonderful storyteller, which has surely enabled him to be an incredible therapist.

This is a must-have book that will be enjoyed by dog lovers and non dog lovers alike.

The video below features Pet Talk Radio’s Kaye Browne and Professor Aubrey Fine, who talks about his new Afternoons With Puppy book.

Helping our important War Dogs

lemish.jpgA while back, I heard from Mike Lemish, a fellow Golden lover as you can see, pictured here with his guy Sedona. Mike is the official Historian for the Vietnam Dog Handler Association (VDHA).

The VDHA was organized in 1993 by a group of six veteran war dog handlers that served during the Vietnam Conflict. One of their original goals was to never give up the search to re-unite veteran war dog handlers and honor the memory of their war dog partners. As a result, the group has grown from six to almost 3000 members.

war.jpgMike is the author of the seminal war dog book, “War Dogs: A History of Loyalty and Heroism“. This book was originally published in 1996 and tells the history of the U.S. K-9 Corps. Now in paperback, War Dogs provides an eye-opening look at unsung canine heroes from World War I to the present. Terriers, shepherds, beagles, collies, huskies, and Dobermans are only a few of the breeds that have pulled sleds, searched caves and bunkers, and even parachuted into combat. Mike has collected true stories and rare photos that reflect the strong bonds that have formed between war dogs and their masters as they worked together in dangerous situations.

Mike is finishing up my second book with the working title “Forever Forward: K-9 Operations in Vietnam 1960-1972“. This is not just about Vietnam but also tells about the continuing effort to educate the public about military working dogs so that they receive proper recognition. Although not a military dog handler, he is proud to be part of the group that persuaded the government to enact a law to allow citizens to adopt retired military dogs (not done since the close of WWII).

I told Mike about my foundation’s cancer treatment grant for working dogs and he sent in an article to DOGMAN, a bimonthly publication by the Vietnam Dog Handler Association, Inc. Well, an article appears in their April 2008 issue. Check us out (on page 3).

Compassion Care Center

I sure wish there was one of these hospitals near me. Getting to stay with your dog following surgery has actual physiological benefits for your dog and certainly psychological benefits for you. Click below to see a video of this incredible concept in action in Long Island, NY. It showcases a story about 9-year-old Golden Retriever Mozart who was having surgery for cancer. Listen to what Mozart’s dad says about his boy.

Golden Retriever Cubby’s tale will touch your heart

This 16-week-old pup is going to be seen by a University of California, Davis, surgeon to repair his front legs, which have missing or curved bones. One leg will be amputated to strengthen the other so he can support his weight.

Click here to learn about how sweet he truly is and how no one, including his birth mom and siblings, have abandoned him.