Golden Retriever Abuser Scott Shields … 3rd Boob down


Okay, I just could not resist. I just received a pdf copy of an article that cannot be found online but that made the Late City Final Edition of the New York Post on March 30th. It was written by Philip Recchia, a reporter who broke the news initially in an article from September 25, 2006: FRAUD PROBE HOUNDS RESCUER.

I simply love the title: From hero to heel: 9/11 ‘fraud’ ripped off 50G and the photo caption that so aptly defines Shields as a “Ground Zero liar.”

Click on the reduced photo below to get the full take on how this article appeared this past Sunday, March 30th, and why I call this blog entry “3rd Boob down”.



Geoff Hendrickson – Best friend to our Golden Retrievers


Geoff is one of my Golden photo pals. He knows he can always send me good cheer by sharing some of his wonderful pictures. He recently was one of my Top 10 winners in my foundation’s Through Their Eyes Photo Contest, the photo above of his Sam one of his fabulous entries. Geoff has a boat and is always outdoors, so Sam is an outdoors boy as well.

Geoff just added a new rescue Goldendoodle guy, named Bandit, to his family. Here is the story of how he came to get this guy.

Noele and her eight 3-week-old pups were sold at a puppy mill auction in OK. They were held and vetted and made their way east after a few weeks. Originally I was going to foster but had second thoughts and did not want to suffer postpartum depression. When I came to visit four of the pups, Bandit walked right up to me with no coaxing or eye contact and promptly sat between my feet. So the selection was made.

Golden Sam is now breaking in this young boy, and teaching him about the wonders of water!

Bandit now is fascinated with the view of his paws underwater.

This is Bandit’s first puddle crossing. Sam is cheering him on.

Sam rousts some Mallards. Bandit watches from the safety of the bank.

Last month Geoff even assisted in a Search and Rescue mission when Bandit’s mom, Noelle, went missing. What a tale Geoff tells:

A few weeks ago I received an email from our Rescue that Bandit’s Golden Mom (Noelle 18-month-old Puppy Mill victim) had bolted and had eluded many volunteers and the local Police late into the night. A fresh start the next day yielded few results. Sam, Bandit and I saddled up and drove almost 2 hours to Barnagate, NJ to join the search.

To make a long story short, we limited our search to the most miserable plot of ground, infested with thorns, vines, brambles, scrub pines, ticks and chiggers bordering on the Garden State Parkway. I felt this was a logical place for a panicked dog to hide. Sure enough, after much slogging and cussing, we spotted her and she bolted from her hiding space. Luckily, everyone searching had cell phones and the human and canine net converged.

We cornered her behind a house and she made two attempts to make an end run past us. I made a pretty spectacular diving grab for her still attached leash and caught her. Twenty-two hours after her escape, she was safe and sound. It took us a little over an hour to find and secure her.

Kudos go out to Sam and baby Bandit. Sam led the way and Bandit (3.5 months old) followed like he was welded to Sam. Even while leashed, they both did me proud making their way through some very rude terrain. A finer day we could not have prayed for, nor paid for!

Geoff just gave me an update yesterday on how Noelle is doing. It is really a tough transition when dogs are rescued from puppy mill situations where they have been kept in cages and not socialized at all.

Just as an update, I saw Noelle on Sunday and she has made a remarkable transformation. She is still a bit shy but her body has really blossomed. She gets walked 4-6 times a day for 3-5 miles each! I also found out that she had two LITTERS BY 18months!!