Wonderful Veterinarian running for Office!

Like his father, Jerry Nothington went on to earn a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree, and was asked to teach neurology at the Univ. of PA School of Veterinary Medicine for four years. He eventually helped to establish a veterinary specialty hospital, and continues his practice as a veterinarian with a practice limited to neurology.

As a scientist and healthcare professional, Jerry has had to develop listening, problem-solving, case management and other skills that are so lacking in the halls of Congress today. As a small businessman, he has had to learn how to stretch a dollar and keep good records. As a teacher, he has learned to communicate and motivate others to work toward a goal.

Jerry is now running for Delaware’s sole U.S. Representative slot. I am in Maryland, or I’d vote for him in a heartbeat. Us dog lovers generally have love affairs with veterinarians, as they are surely the most important medical folks in our lives. But, Jerry is that and much more. A veteran who fought in the Vietnam War, Dr. Nothington is truly concerned about the country and has decided to step up and show just how committed he is at making a difference.

Here is a very special entry from Jerry’s blog, entitled $3386 and I Am On The Ballot

The state of Delaware has a system for elections in which any person may join the fray by declaring their candidacy and paying a fee to the party of one’s candidacy. Today was the day for me. We trekked to Dover, DE, to file the papers and pay the fees. All went very well as my wife, our friend, and I wandered along the campaign trail one more day.

You can learn more about Dr. Nothington’s campaign and how you can help by clicking here.