Golden Retriever Skye lets a boy’s wish come true

Click on the image below to see a very special video about a youngster who has gotten a special wish after suffering with kidney cancer.


Honestly, no one really cares about their mental health

I am ashamed to see our government be so cavalier about the mental health of our soldiers. Not only are they cavalier, but it’s just been shown that they are liars as well. I have worked with and evaluated those with depression and possible suicidal ideation. It is quite a serious task and I am never able to forget those souls who do manage to take their lives.

It is simply unconscionable that these folks in our government continue to get away with such blatant disregard for human life. It is embarrassing that Dr. Ira Katz, a man with Ph.D. and M.D. degrees who has been placed in a position that oversees all mental health services for the VA, is playing games with the lives of thousands.

Senate VA Committee Chairman Daniel Akaka and Sen. Patty Murray called for the resignation of Dr. Ira Katz, the VA’s top official for mental health, who had the audacity to provide inaccurate information on new suicide statistics to CBS.

There is currently an epidemic in suicide that the VA has been concealing. Just look for yourself at the incriminating emails that attest to 1000 suicide attempts being made every month.

Rather than there being fewer than 800 suicide attempts a year, as stated by Dr. Katz, the number is more like 12,000 a year. And, now one day after calling for the resignation of VA’s top health official, Senator Murray is correctly questioning a 2nd-ranking VA official on why the true needs of veterans are being hidden from Congress.