Remembering Therapy Golden Retriever Inker

It is a always a sad day when I learn about another one of our special Golden souls losing their battle with cancer. I just received this note from Doreen Rinaldo, one of the people who put together the “Friends of Inker” campaign to help raise funds for his treatment.

Hello Rochelle, I am very sad to report that Inker passed away today in the loving arms of Pat Dobson. Inker continued to make visits to the patients and employees at Trinitas Cancer center up until one week ago. The cancer just suddenly spread everywhere, and it was time to end his suffering. Thank you so much for the support and encouragement that you bestowed upon Pat and Inker. He was such a special, loving boy, and he will always be remembered . . .


Here is an earlier post from only a few months ago when we were able to help in the Friends of Inker effort.

Inker receiving a chemotherapy treatment

We are so happy to announce that Inker is a recipient of our of our Foundation’s Working Dog Cancer Treatment Grants.

inker22.jpg This is Golden Inker showing off the shirt that he wears when he does his therapy visits to help human cancer patients at Trinitas Hospital in Elizabeth, NJ. It is obviously quite inspiring.

I simply love it. It is just the perfect way for Inker to show empathy. Mom, Pat Dobson, had a great idea when she decided to have this shirt created for her boy.

inkcin.jpgThis 9-year-old dude is from New Jersey and has been working at hospitals, going twice weekly for 2 years now, actually having visited nearly 900 patients. Sadly, he was diagnosed last month with lymphoma and is now receiving weekly chemo treatments.

I love the part near the end of the clip when Inker plants a wet one on Newscaster Cindy Hsu (the reason for her smiling face).

Click on Inker below to see a wonderful video clip of this boy in action.