Golden Bodie is Working Miracles

Bodie Jones is the 2006 Service Dog of the Year. He was trained at the Saint Francis of Assisi Service Dog Foundation in Roanoke, VA., one of many wonderful assistance dog organizations that we have included at our Worldwide Assistance Dog Group Listing.

I tell you, this organization, is so cool. It is hard to stand out when it comes to the selling of wares, and it is always impossible to choose as so many groups are doing great work. But, this group has two items out that you may want to look at.
There are two new “dogs” at Château Morrisette, and both are “dogs for a cause.”

In partnership with Saint Francis of Assisi Service Dog Foundation, Château Morrisette has created LIBERTY and INDEPENDENCE, two new wines that pay tribute to service dogs and their dedication to enhancing the lives of children and adults with emotional and/or physical disabilities. They are providing a percentage of gross adjusted sales to Saint Francis. You can learn more here.

Okay, now back to Golden Bodie. I have a wonderful article to share below. but first you need to go watch a GReat news feature on this boy and what he has managed to accomplish in the short time he has been paired with his companion.

Click here and at the page for the TV segment ‘Power of One: Bodie’ then click on the tiny square photo under the word “Videos”.

Service Dog Works Miracles
Written By Peggy Fox 9 News

We’ve all heard how having pets can be beneficial for children. But there may be no limit to what a pet’s unconditional love can do. Take, for example, the story of a boy and his dog, a dog that appears to be working miracles. Bode is a talented golden retriever. He’s a service dog trained to help people like 11-year-old Jake Jones of Fauquier County, who was born with cerebral palsy.

After going through training, the Jones’ brought Bode home in November. Since then, he’s been Jake’s constant companion. He picks up things for Jake, brings him his shoes, helps him get dressed, opens and closes the elevator door and even plays tug of war with his new pal.

But the most important thing Bode has done for Jake took zero training. And it was a complete and wonderful surprise.Since Jake was two, he’s had regular seizures, sometimes 30 a month. Since they got Bode, he hasn’t had any. Jake’s mother, Lori Jones, thinks Bode’s love has calmed her son’s brain. With Jake not having seizures anymore the family has been able to go places without the constant worry he might have a seizure. And Jake is starting to get a taste of independence.

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