Special dogs at rest at last

Special dogs at rest at last
By Terri Bryce Reeves

PALM HARBOR – They were intelligent, courageous and possessed a strong work ethic. They protected us from the bad guys and searched for our lost loved ones. One once wore makeup and beads to work, and another devoured two cooked chickens that were supposed to be a family’s dinner. They were Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office police dogs that served the citizens of this county between 1986 and 2005.

On Tuesday, the 12 retired dogs were eulogized during a memorial service at the Curlew Hills Memory Gardens Pet Cemetery. Their remains will rest forever under granite grave markers, surrounded by oaks, roses and azaleas. On this afternoon, each handler remembered his dog or dogs, the good times and the good catches.

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Watch Me Grow: The Life Of A GDDI Guide Dog Puppy

I just discovered a cool new addition to the Guide Dogs of the Desert website. Now, folks can actually watch a pup grow from birth to graduation as a Guide Dog.


This is Izzy, or formally Isabella. Born on January 31, 2006, she is being raised by Mary and Beverly Hutchinson.

Click here to read about her adventures from her first days to present. And, there are loads of photos which truly bring the stories alive.