An Inspiration: Golden Retriever Goldie

Canine American brings joy to Life Care Center
By Tammie Maddock

Goldie inspires and loves the residents and patients at Life Care Center of Columbia. Goldie understands pain. When this golden retriever was rescued from the animal shelter on Shop Road by Lori Smith, she was tattered and torn, but her spirit was not broken. Smith, the center’s rehab services manager and devout animal lover, knew Goldie would be a perfect addition to the center’s Eden Care program.

Smith took her home and immediately began to work her into the routine at Life Care Center. Within two weeks, Goldie was a well-known face among patients, staff, and visitors. She brought smiles, laughter, and lots of energy. She also fit in with the other animals in the center.

After a while, Goldie’s right hind leg became an obvious source of pain, and Smith and her staff worked with veterinarians to help the canine companion who had won their hearts. Doctors at the N.C. State Veterinary School ran tests and found out Goldie was only four years old, and that the bones in her leg were injured due to repeated beatings incurred during her first few months of life. They could repair the damage with a hip replacement.

The surgery went well, and Goldie was back at Life Care Center serving as an inspiration to patients and residents who had undergone similar hip replacement procedures. She went through physical therapy with them, and with lots of work and love, they healed together. But Goldie has developed an infection around the replaced hip and is once again unable to use her leg. Veterinarians have determined the only way to save her life is to remove her right hind leg. The surgery has been scheduled for April 7.

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Golden Retriever Wesley Saved from Watery Grave

Kids save dog from watery grave

WESLEY the golden retriever was rescued from a muddy swamp thanks to three young life-savers.

He wandered off from his owner George Doody when he was out for a walk in Tile Hill Woods in Coventry – and got into deep water.

Hapless Wesley, who suffers from cataracts, managed to find his way into the heart of the woods, where he plunged headlong into marshy ground and became well and truly stuck.

Luckily nightclub manager Tracy McGrath was walking her dogs nearby with her niece Olivia, aged 11, and nephews Fraser, eight, and Jude, three.

The children heard the 12-year-old dog, who is also mostly deaf, yelping and told their aunt to call the fire service who came and pulled him to safety.