Love Golden Retriever Leo in this commercial

This is Golden Retriever Leo acting just for a second in a family commercial. We love it as it reminds us of one of Alfie’s favorite begging positions. Of course, the ad would have been greatly improved if his part was larger.


Golden Retriever Kobie stars in movie, Dog Gone

Golden star loves limelight
Kobie is part ham, all dog on the movie set

By THERESA HOGUE, Gazette-Times reporter

He may be a star, but Kobie the Golden retriever isn’t standoffish. In fact, he’s anxious to meet anyone offering a pat or a snuggle. The 7-year-old Corvallis dog has been in show business for a few years, and his biggest production so far, “Dog Gone,” just came out on DVD. But whether he’s the animal star of the show, or simply a background performer, there’s one thing Kobie loves: Being on set.

Here is a great commercial that Kobie starred in as well.

Come learn more about Kobie at our foundation’s site where we have detailed several Golden Retriever stars. Just click here.

Golden Retriever Paws for Purple Hearts – Video Update


We originally brought you this story in October 2007. Pictured above is Golden Gabe with his latest idea of how to help our veterans. Here at age 12, he was still making such an incredible contribution. Learn more about Paws for Purple Hearts by checking out the wonderful Fall 2007 newsletter from Dr. Bonnie Bergin’s esteemed Assistance Dog Institute.

under.jpgBergin University’s Paws for Purple Hearts (PPH) program is the only one of it kind in the world. Building on the time-honored tradition of veterans helping veterans, Paws for Purple Hearts engages servicemen diagnosed with PTSD in a mission to train service dogs as part of their rehabilitative therapy. Training service dogs provides a way for veterans with PTSD to practice emotional regulation and give their days focus and purpose. The dogs help to facilitate social relationships with members of the community since a critical element of training is properly socializing the puppies and practicing their training skills in public.

Paws for Purple Hearts replaces the brotherhood of the military unit in the field with the brotherhood of shared purpose and caring for their fellow injured soldiers.

The service dogs are trained to assist in activities of daily living by opening doors, retrieving dropped items and pulling wheelchairs. These are just a few of the many benefits that a service dog provides. Plus the dog also offers unconditional love and acceptance. The service dog accompanies their partner everywhere – home, work, anywhere their lives take them. In many cases, service dogs perform tasks that were previously performed by an attendant or family member; thus reducing the veteran’s dependence on other people.

Dr. Bonita Bergin invented the concept of the Service Dog to assist people with mobility impairments in 1975. At that time she founded Canine Companions for Independence (CCI), the first nonprofit to train and place Service Dogs. After leaving CCI In 1991, Dr. Bergin founded the Assistance Dog Institute.

Under Dr. Bergin’s leadership, ADI continues to break new ground in “Helping Dogs Help People” – founding the only college offering Master of Science and Associate of Science degrees in dog studies, creating the High School Assistance Dog program for at-risk teens, and researching how to teach dogs to read and how to train pups as young as three weeks.

The Assistance Dog Institute is doing such pivotal research work in the training of assistance dogs. I believe the future of this critical field lies in the new information that is being gleaned through the Institute.

Tonight Brian Williams did a MSNBC TV report on Paws for Purple Hearts.  Just click on the image below to see this wonderful program in action.

GRREAT Rescue Golden Retriever Ginger needs a forever home

Oh my, Ginger is such a darling. Someone needs to give her a forever home. She is available through my home-town rescue, GRREAT.

Ginger is a pretty, red 3-year-old who is smart, very loving, affectionate, loves to cuddle, and loves to play. She has lots of young-Golden energy and plays very well with other dogs and is a quick learner. She has won the respect of our other Golden which until now was impossible. She is a good little girl and seeks a forever home with a Mummy who has time for her. She likes to run around our fenced in yard and even makes up games for herself. She likes a lot of soft toys. She would be better suited to a family that can spend a half hour in the park rather than just walks around the block. She has learned a lot since joining our home and loves to swim with other dogs. She is a happy little girl and only has a few little moments when she will find something plastic and chew, but few and far between and always when you are home. With enough exercise she is as good as gold in the house so we recommend a family with a fenced yard where she can be the center of attention. Her family will be one that really wants a one on one relationship with a very special beautiful Golden that will create memories in your heart for years to come.

Golden Retriever Lami … More than just a companion

Golden Lami, a five-year-old Southwest Service Dog, is in training with her new owner, 17-year-old Victoria Cassaday.

Victoria was born with arthrogryposis, a disability that targets the muscles and bones causing them to grow inwards. Victoria has undergone 13 surgeries and is able to walk, but some tasks are still difficult.

Click here to see a wonderful tv news video of these toy in action!

Therapy Golden Maggie back in the news

prot.jpgOur favorite Therapy Golden girl, Maggie, of Shrewsbury Paws is back in the news with a report on “Holistic Healing.” Click on the video for the full scoop.

And, to learn more about the homemade totally organic diet (there being different formulas for every health condition, including cancer) and an important supplement that we have utilized for years, click here.

Golden Retriever pup Jake stolen, lost, then found, now has new home

Jake was a mere 8-weeks-old when someone stole him last September from the Humane Society in Golden Valley. Minneapolis police officer Patty Grant found him running loose during a cold spell last week and picked him up. Of course, after spending just minutes with him, she knew he would be a wonderful addition to her family. Click below on Jake to watch the video, and you will learn how responsible Officer Grant was and how microchips are a great thing to have.



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Golden Inker recipient of our Foundation’s Working Dog Cancer Treatment Grant

Inker receiving a chemotherapy treatment

We are so happy to announce that Inker is a recipient of our Foundation’s Working Dog Cancer Treatment Grants. His mom, Pat Dobson, has been really struggling with the bills and we were certainly glad to help. You, too, can donate to the cause by checking out Golden Inker’s own page.

inker22.jpg This is Golden Inker showing off the shirt that he wears when he does his therapy visits to help human cancer patients at Trinitas Hospital in Elizabeth, NJ. It is obviously quite inspiring.

I simply love it. It is just the perfect way for Inker to show empathy. Mom, Pat Dobson, had a great idea when she decided to have this shirt created for her boy.

inkcin.jpgThis 9-year-old dude is from New Jersey and has been working at hospitals, going twice weekly for 2 years now, actually having visited nearly 900 patients. Sadly, he was diagnosed last month with lymphoma and is now receiving weekly chemo treatments.

I love the part near the end of the clip when Inker plants a wet one on Newscaster Cindy Hsu (the reason for her smiling face).

Click on Inker below to see a wonderful video clip of this boy in action.



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Poor Golden Lulu – Happy Ending Update


This adorable 15-week-old puppy from Cary, NC was stolen right from her bed (a story we brought to you on January 17th). Click on Lulu to see a video about her plight. The video works best in Internet Explorer (at page just click on “WATCH VIDEO”).


Lulu was reunited with her owner Thursday, Cary police said, after a woman, claiming she received the animal as a gift, returned her.

Authorities said the woman, identified as “Betty,” told Lulu’s owner, Andrea Sexton, her sister purchased Lulu for $50 from a man at a gas station in Angier.

Betty said she found Sexton’s number on a flier, contacted her and met with her and determined the puppy was Lulu, police said.



Click here to see a video of Lulu’s return, her now playing with her toys and happy to be home again after her 10 day adventure.

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Video – So many abandoned due to the forclosure crisis


The nationwide foreclosure crisis, due to financial problems caused by the many subprime mortgage lenders, has forced millions to move out of their homes. But the forgotten victims are the dogs and cats left behind.

Rescue experts want pet owners to give their local shelters a call before they give up their pets. They say there’s a much better chance that way of finding a new home for abandoned animals.

Any shelters can offer referrals so pets can end up with a new family, just like Sydney did. That avoids the need for abandonment altogether. Shelters say while dogs and cats are abandoned in equal numbers, it’s much harder to find new homes for felines.

So for families in crisis, animal experts urge you to find a friend, a neighbor or a shelter as a last resort, but never leave your pet behind.

Click on 2-year-old Golden Sydney, one of the furry loves now at the Sacramento SPCA, to see a large version of this important video.


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What was this guy thinking walking his Golden near a cliff?


in Tacoma, WA, the man and his dogs are okay but what was he thinking having his dogs so close to a cliff during a morning walk? Click above on the rescuer and Golden above to see the rescue. Unbelievable.

A man and his two dogs were walking along the water in Tacoma Wednesday, when one of the dogs lipped over the edge of a cliff and got stuck.

The man went after the golden retriever, and ended up sliding down the cliff with his other dog, to the ground below.

A rescuer repelled down and helped guide the stranded pooch to safety. Neither of the dogs, nor the owner, was injured.


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Therapy Golden Inker: Cancer Survivor

Inker receiving a chemotherapy treatment

inker22.jpg This is Golden Inker showing off the shirt that he wears when he does his therapy visits to help human cancer patients at Trinitas Hospital in Elizabeth, NJ. It is obviously quite inspiring.

I simply love it. It is just the perfect way for Inker to show empathy. Mom, Pat Dobson, had a great idea when she decided to have this shirt created for her boy.

inkcin.jpgThis 9-year-old dude is from New Jersey and has been working at hospitals, going twice weekly for 2 years now, actually having visited nearly 900 patients. Sadly, he was diagnosed last month with lymphoma and is now receiving weekly chemo treatments.

I love the part near the end of the clip when Inker plants a wet one on Newscaster Cindy Hsu (the reason for her smiling face).

Click on Inker below to see a wonderful video clip of this boy in action.



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Golden Retriever Jasmine uncovers murder in Pueblo


Four-year-old Golden Jasmine is just a natural retriever. She reminds me of my Ollie who had a mission to bring home every ball and glove that he could hunt down on his daily walks. According to Mom (Wendie Arnold), Jasmine finds bones, toys, and trash in the neighborhood and then redeposits her finds in her own yeard. Earlier this month she brought home a bone but Wendie noticed a big difference in what it looked like.

“Most of the dog bones are white and bleached out, and this one was a brownish-green color. And when I told her to drop it I noticed it was u-shaped,” she said.As a former dental assistant, she realized it was a human jaw bone. She says she immediately called the Pueblo Sheriff’s Office. At first, she was just doing what she had to do–not considering the magnitude of her dog’s discovery.”It became a little creepier when they came back, did a search and found the rest of the body. That’s when it became more uncomfortable in the neighborhood,” Arnold said.

She says Charles Gross rented the trailer where the bones were found. She describes him as a quiet man– a fellow dog owner– who kept to himself. “You’d see him a couple times a week, walking his dog,” she said.

As for her best friend, Arnold said, “I’m proud of her. I’m hoping they’ll identify the body and get closure for somebody.”

Click on Jasmine to see a video of this story. (works best in Internet Explorer)


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Golden mix on highway for months back home with family

dog01bcjr_400.jpgOn December 1st we detailed a story about a Golden mix named Oleander (named that by rescuers as it referred to the bushes on the median), who had been living within the median bushes on Interstate 10 in Banning for at least 2 months.

She was rescued and was at a shelter awaiting a forever home. When brought in, this poor thing was a mere 35 pounds, also sporting a fractured front leg.


Well, it turns out that this rescued lass no longer needs a new home as she is now happily back in her former one. It turns out her name is Precious and you can be sure that the family received a Christmas present that will be remembered forever.

It turns out that although the family believed that Precious was home in their backyard, she had been scared by a thunderstorm at the time, and had then jumped over the wall there.

It was actually due to the previous newspaper story that The Carrillos family were alerted to her being at the shelter.

The Carrillos say that when they went to the shelter, they knew for sure the dog was theirs. “I was really happy. I was crying,” Alexis said.

The animal services officials believed the dog was the Carrillos’ because they correctly described the collar the dog was wearing when she was rescued, said department spokesman John Welsh. When the family came to the shelter, Precious “got very, very excited” when she saw Alexis, Welsh said.

Precious has been home for about a week and is on a weight-gain program. The Carrillos say their veterinarian thinks the dog won’t need surgery to repair a fractured leg, as originally believed. The cast on her front right leg barely slowed her down Thursday afternoon as she scampered about the living room, lapping up the attention that Alexis and her brother, 13-year-old L.J., lavished on her.

L.J. said he wants to thank the CHP officer who rescued her. “I have my dog back,” he said. “My little buddy.”

Click above to see a video of this story (works best in Internet Explorer)


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Hoping Golden Marley gets more care

18-month-old Golden Marley was recently rescued from Snake River in Shelley, Idaho. But, the most troubling part was the fact that this young dog was an outside dog, something we do not commonly see in the breed. She was only discovered to have fallen through the ice when her young owner went outside to give her dogs some food.

Once to the bank, Marley was rushed to the vet. Courtney Harder, Marley’s owner: “She was just soaked, had little icicles hanging from her ears, still whimpering, and I was shocked to find she didn’t have hypothermia at all. She was out there at least 2 hours.

Marley is home now and has been spending most of the time indoors, but when let outside, she did wander back down to the river.

Courtney Harder, Marley’s owner: “I was like, ‘No! What are you thinking?!’ I thought she had learned her lesson, but obviously she hasn’t!

Courtney says because Marley did not learn her lesson, she will now either be an inside dog or be kept in the fenced area of the yard.

Click above to see the video of this story. It is quite telling.


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Golden Hunter’s Stem Cell Life – Updated

On Jan 9th Nightline featured the story of Hunter and the use of his own stem cells to provide relief from debilitating arthritis due to hip dysplasia. For those that missed this incredibly interesting program, I now have video of it below.

Hunter has severe arthritis in his left hip but has shown quick improvement after being injected with his own stem cells.

“His leg, it’s almost like it’s lifeless and it’ll drift back,” Linda said, referring to Hunter’s tendency to favor his right leg.

X-rays show that Hunter has hip dysplasia, a common ailment in purebred dogs that causes the ball of the leg bone to loosen from its socket, causing painful wearing on the joint. “You can see that the edges of the bone are very worn away. They’re not nearly as smooth,” said veterinarian Jerry Bausman.

Facing the possibility of a shortened life for Hunter, the Rihas were considering a $10,000 hip replacement, when the doctors offered something new, different, and much cheaper. For only about $2,500 they could treat Hunter with his own stem cells, the healing and regenerative cells that live in both humans and animals. …

“We’re kind of reverting the body back to a younger age or a younger stage when we were more of a regenerative stage,” said Bausman. In a fairly easy procedure, Hunter’s stem cells will be recovered from his body fat, isolated in a laboratory, and re-injected into his hip in greater concentration than his own body could accomplish.

Stem cell therapy is in regular use for animals, where there is less regulation than that for humans. This has helped research progress far more quickly.

cuttingh.jpgVetStem has pioneered the application of the technique, already having treated about 3000 horses for joint problems. In the same way that Vet-Stem Regenerative Cell (VSRC) therapy has demonstrated successful therapeutic outcomes in horses with tendon and ligament injuries, fractures, and joint disease, it is now being used to treat osteoarthritis in dogs.

Since 2005, selected clinics have treated dogs with osteoarthritis and orthopedic soft tissue injuries. Initial studies demonstrate that intra-articular administration of VSRCs significantly decreases pain and improves comfort in the majority of cases. Duration of the benefit from a single injection varies from several months to more than one year.

Besides the overwhelming scientific data demonstrating the clinical efficacy of regenerative cellular therapy in animal models of osteoarthritis, osteochondral defects, tendon repair, and fractures, many additional studies are now demonstrating success in treating systemic disorders such as cerebral and myocardial infarction, muscular dystrophy, and immune-mediated disorders. Based on these studies, Vet-Stem is developing protocols to treat internal medicine conditions.Vet-Stem Regenerative Cell Therapy is limited to veterinarians who have completed a Vet-Stem Regenerative Cell medicine credentialing course. Their services are only available from your veterinarian. However, a Vet-Stem veterinarian is able to discuss regenerative stem cell therapy with your own veterinarian.

There are trained veterinarians in the states of Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, and Wisconsin. There are also trained vets in Fergus and Toronto, Ontario in Canada.

Click here for a list of vets who have been provided with training and have experience in utilization of Vet-Stem Regenerative Cell Therapy.

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Trying to save Golden mix Asia


On January 2nd, I detailed the story of Asia, a Golden-mix who was recently hit by a car and left for dead. The family could not afford medical care but two wonderful angels who discovered Asia in the street took it upon themselves to become involved. What a special story. Sadly, there were multiple injuries and the vet bills are now in the thousands. You can click here to see a wonderful news video clip of Asia and her rescue.

An update to the story appeared yesterday at SC’s Beaufort Gazette:

The surgery bill totaled upward of $2,625. That’s with a 30 percent discount and doesn’t include future routine check-ups and, possibly, the amputation of Asia’s right leg, which, so far, seems to be healing well and has regained some normal function since the accident.

Henry, who has been a veterinarian in Beaufort for 26 years, said he gave Sutton a discount because of the situation. Defining the reason he helped is complicated, though, and he quickly points out that he can’t help everyone in need. “There are an awful lot of abandoned animals out there,” Henry said. “We don’t have the power to help all of them.”

But he explained that Sutton’s passion and Asia’s “big brown eyes” had a lot to do with his decision. “That’s what’s nice about doing this for so long,” Henry said. “Sometimes you get to practice medicine and surgery for the good.”

After nearly 10 days at Beaufort Animal Hospital, Asia was released Saturday. The lower half of her body had been shaved for surgery and a large scar runs across her hip where Henry fixed her pelvis and inserted a rod and lag screw in her right leg.

Before release, Henry taught Sutton how to carry Asia properly and explained that she has to eat a mild diet of dry dog food mixed with baby food for a couple weeks. Sutton also must administer three different types of pain medication and an ointment. Sutton said she doesn’t mind all the work involved in caring for Asia. She said she wouldn’t do anything differently.

And despite the atrocity of the accident, the overall experience has made Sutton see the community, and her role in it, in a different light. “The community support has been amazing,” Sutton said. “People talk about how bad the world is, but there are still people helping people. … If everybody did one nice thing to help a person, or an animal, they’d be surprised at the chain reaction.”

To help Lisa Sutton defray medical costs for Asia, donate cash or checks at the following SC locations:
•The Cutting Edge Salon, 86 Savannah Highway (across from Shell Point Elementary School)
•Animal Hospital of Beaufort, 2511 Boundary St.
•Donut Connection, 14 Savannah Highway (Shell Point Plaza)
•Moondoggies Cafe, 930 9th St. in Port Royal

Golden Retriever Pups Rescued from Sub-Freezing Conditions – Updated

kbci_puppies.jpgThank goodness Kelly McKenney came to the rescue for 13 dogs, including 5 Golden puppies, that had been left out in the freezing cold for several days.

What a sad commentary on the owner to do such a thing to helpless animals, which included several adult Goldens, two adult Boxers and two adult Doberman Pinchers.

Click here to learn more and to see a video about this rescue in Idaho. (We could only get the video to work in Internet Explorer.)



UPDATE: Dog owner faces animal cruelty charges

The Ada County Prosecutor’s Office confirms Oliver Palmer also faces charges of animal neglect and animal cruelty in Ada County. The charges stem from citations issued back in 2006. One for permitting animals to go without care – that charge was filed in July of 2006. The other charge involves a citation for cruelty to animals, filed in December of 2006.

Additional charges are pending against Palmer for animal neglect for the dogs found at a home on Harris Creek Road in Boise County on Christmas Eve.

Prosecutors there say they take all information, including incidents, into consideration when deciding whether to new file charges.

The Idaho Humane Society seized 13 purebred dogs from the home. Included in the mix were five golden retriever puppies. Witnesses told the sheriff’s office that the dogs were chained with no access to shelter, water or wholesome food.

“This cold weather outdoors is no place to have six-week-old puppies, and we have six-week-old puppies exposed to the elements, they’re in eminent danger of dying,” said Dr. Jeff Rosenthal, Idaho Humane Society.