In Memory of Golden Benson

Vet’s marathon challenge
Scarborough Today

The married 27-year-old, who works at the Swanzdale Veterinary Care Centre in Scalby Road, is running the 26-mile race in memory of a dog he treated at the practice.

Benson was one of Mr McCann’s first cancer patients at the centre. The golden retriever underwent chemotherapy and although he was in remission for two years he died following a stroke.

The money raised by Mr McCann will be donated to Cancer Research UK in the hope a cure can be found not just for human cancers but for tumours that affect animals.

Mr McCann, who has been a vet at Swanzdale for almost four years after graduating from university, said: “I’m running the marathon as a way of promoting awareness of the animal side of things and what we are now able to do for them. A lot more research has gone into the tumours that animals get, the kind of drugs we can use and the safe margins we can take when we have to carry out surgery.

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