The answer to my Golden Retriever Rotten question

Recently, I had some posts ( here and here) about the 2007 Westminster show. It was so cool for me to actually know the sire of the winning Golden (Rotten), shown here, who took the breed this year at the Garden.

Those 3 puppers above in my masthead are from a litter of this dude’s sire. In other words, they are all half-siblings to Golden Rotten. And, you can see how sweet and lovely they are.

Well, I had wondered how Happy Hour Highmark Toasty wound up with a call name of Rotten. So, I contacted Marsha York (Hubbell’s mom), but she would not tell. She said I had to find out from his owners. I did not have their email but I did have one for the breeder, Maura. So, of course, I wrote to her. And, now I’ve got the scoop to tell all. Here is her reply:

Yes, I know the story and it goes like this: Rotten was one of two pups from the final litter of my foundation bitch, BVISS Ch. Highmark Torn Between Two Loves, OD bred to Hubbell at the national in Florida where Tory had just won Best Veteran in Sweepstakes. I sent the puppy to Pam and Gerry at 8 weeks by plane and had attached to the crate all of his paperwork along with a letter telling all the details and how this was the “See” litter and suggesting they use the name: Happy Hour Highmark See I’m Toasty and call him Dean-o. He had to have all three kennel names and we were concerned about the letter limits from AKC. Of course, Pam and Gerry do not open this packet. They let the puppy out and he immediately begins biting on Pammy’s ankles and she says, “You’re just Rotten!” and he’s been Rotten ever since.

Rotten finished 2006 as the number 3 golden (Purina list) and his nephew, Coach (Ch. Happy Hr Highmark Bad News Bears) finished number 2 and got a JAM at the Garden! I am so proud of both the boys. It is my understanding that Rotten is going home to Florida to keep producing beautiful pups, while Coach is still on the road campaigning for 2007!

Thanks for asking and for your appreciation of the boys! — Maura Phelan, Happy Hour Golden Retrievers

One thought on “The answer to my Golden Retriever Rotten question

  1. looking to breed my female golden,lady nala,can you help.this is our first time.

    thank you,terry

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