Do not miss Dr. Karen Becker’s Pet Emergency Plan

Dr. Karen Becker is such an incredible resource. I came to discover her work years ago when I brought on the treat, Becker’s Bison Bites, which has now been expanded to an entire wellness treat line. And, her recent book, Dr. Becker’s Real Food for Healthy Dogs and Cats Cookbook, is fabulous as well (we reviewed it in our most recent Foundation Newsletter).

Today she shared a new video series on how to put a pet emergency plan in place. Of course, we all know that preparation is indeed priceless, as the world literally seems to stop when the life of a beloved companion animal is hanging in the balance.

Here is Dr. Becker’s advice on exactly how to arm yourself with everything you’ll need if your pet is hurt or suddenly becomes ill. What a great thought—actually being able to plan ahead for any health emergency your furkid may encounter. And, all it will take is 19 minutes out of your day (the time taken to view the following series).

P.S. When I order Dr. Becker’s products, I deal with her wonderful brother, John. While his speech style is slow and deliberate, big sister Karen talks a mile a minute. Folks continue to ask if she always talks so fast, and John’s answer is “Yes, she does.” She is just on a mission and has so much to share that she can’t seem to get it out quickly enough. That means that what you will experience in the 19 minutes below, would probably take anyone else twice as long to convey. Just a warning :0