Gotta love Hoppy the Deer

Hoppy the Deer is featured in a true-life story of a young couple, Tony and Amanda, who live in the woods of Quebec. They had found a baby deer abandoned in front of their house who was very ill and barely able to walk. They took in the fawn and fed him warm goat’s milk, the baby prancing merrily a few days later. They named him Hoppy and decided to raise him as their own.

Tony and Amanda later got a cat, and unbelievably Hoppy and Tiptree became best friends, taking walks and naps together. They also took turns grooming one another, even though Tiptree could not really get much grooming done in comparison to Hoppy, who could drench his feline pal in drool.

A documentary aired on Canadian TV: The Incredible True Story of Hoppy the Deer. Here’s the trailer to a DVD that was made about this wonderful tale.

A follow-up to the story can be found here.