Boris the tortoise vs. Great Dane pup Miss Marley

A couple of days ago I blogged about Miss Marley, a Great Dane pup, and Boris, a 75-year-old tortoise. Well, I’ve learned more about this special tortoise.

Boris comes into the house daily for a stroll. In the winter he parks himself in the closet to hibernate. He made a hole in our screen door to make it accessible. He had a mate Myrtle for 48 years who passed away last year. Boris has a large yard to walk around in and is very socialized. At our old house he actually would climb 3 steps to get into the house.

Miss Marley, of course, is somewhat of an instigator. And, really pretty funny in this clip as she takes away Boris’s romaine meal. To see Boris throw a swing at her was just classic, and reminded me of my 6-pound kitty Cindy swatting at Golden Alfie when she gets mad at him.


Here’s the original clip of these two fighting over the bed: