Rags to Riches Rescue Story Contest – Golden Retriever Tripp – Updated

There are too many champions of rescue to count. The job they do is a noble one and often not as rewarded in our society. Yet, we all know that the main rewards are very much emotional in nature. To thank these wonderful folks who provide intake, fostering, and adopting, I have created this special prize-filled ($500+) rescue story contest.

After alerting his family to a fire in the house, Tripp, a three-legged dog, received the Golden Retriever Club of America’s G.R.A.C.E. award, given to rescued Goldens with significant and exceptional accomplishments.

I am looking for irresistible tales that capture your dog’s wonderful ‘rags to wags’ transformation. You know, those truly compelling stories that reside only in the heart (click here to enter).

We have our very first entry, entitled “Unconditional Love”. It details the story of Golden Retriever Tripp, a dog who has already been included at the Land of PureGold due to his heroic efforts. We actually have close to 100 Golden heroes, with new tales added all the time. You can find them here.

Tripp’s lovely mom, Ellen Franklin, just shared this tasty anecdote with me about Tripp. Enjoy!

I cannot tell you how honored we were to be able to go out there and accept the GRACE award.  Tripp got to fly inside the cabin with me and slept all the way out there!  While we were at the airport getting ready to fly home, many people came up to us and said “That’s Tripp!!!  I saw him on TV last night!”  The captain of the plane even announced him as a celebrity hero and everyone clapped for him.  Of course after that, he got little sleep going home because he had to visit all the passengers on the plane.  He is such a hotdog!

Once again, I give our thanks to you and to RAGofAZ.  His story continues to gain notoriety.  He was recently honored at one of our elementary schools as a community hero and of course the children fell in love with him.  He goes everywhere with me and everyone seems to know him.  He never meets a stranger!  He continues to warm the hearts of many and I truly believe he is an angel in disguise!  (a spoiled rotten angel, but an angel, nonetheless!)

Please do share this fun news with others who help provide our beloved furry ones with second chances.

Rescue is a great and really noble way to obtain a canine companion. First, it allows you to give a dog a great home. And, it often allows you to avoid the pains of puppyhood by adopting an adult dog. But, it takes a special person to try and repair the bad times that rescue dogs have often experienced. For this reason, rescue adoptions are often very serious business. That is, you must prove that you have the time to make the necessary commitment. You also must show that you are a kind and caring individual who can provide intelligently for this needy guy’s or gal’s health needs. To thank our many important rescuers and adopters, we have created this special rescue story contest.

We are looking for irresistible tales that capture your dog’s wonderful ‘rags to wags’ transformation. You know, those truly compelling stories that reside only in the heart. Folks need to communicate just why their rescue dog deserves to be King or Queen for the Day. Please join us in our fun new contest, Cece Kent’s gorgeous Cambridge Collar & matching Cambridge Lead — a set valued at $180 — awarded to our grand prize winner. Cece Kent’s dog fashion line offers a fine touch of elegance, with this gift truly befitting a lucky canine king or queen. Other wonderful prizes from our Foundation Store round out the total $500+ prize package for our top ten tales. Click here to see our entries as they arrive.

One thought on “Rags to Riches Rescue Story Contest – Golden Retriever Tripp – Updated

  1. I was Tripp’s foster mom after rescuing him from a local vet’s office. I have been lucky enough to visit Tripp in Marietta and to go on numerous trips with them. You really can’t imagine what a wonderful and caring Golden Tripp has been. I think Tripp is really a person in fluffy fur!

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