Okay, let’s get real now.

This is just crazy. I’ve been running a fun Kids and Paws – Furever Love Photo Contest for a bit now and am thoroughly bewildered at the lack of votes for some of the incredible entries. For instance, all of the fabulous entries below have 0 votes. Zero, none, zip, nada.

This is Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Abby, and Kiersten, who have been buddies since birth. Here they are sharing bath time.

Black Lab mix Kira and Katherine are enjoying the warm weather and also a quiet moment together.

Senior Golden Maddie and 6-year-old Brianna Johnso are enjoying a day of swimming in the pool.

Sweet 3-year-old Dylan was off to take a nap and next thing Mom knew, her four legged and two legged son were spooning. They are best of friends, Golden Diesel a loving big brother.

Go vote on these entries or go here to check out the other 38 that we have so far. And, remember, my foundation’s contest will benefit not only the winning participants but 100% of the proceedings will go toward funding cancer treatment for our working dogs.

You can also submit an entry. It costs nothing to enter and there is a HUGE $600 prize package. The entries can incorporate any breed dog and any aged youngster (ages 0 to 18), so featuring a bond between the two. Just click here to enter.


Sunbear Squad Watch Tip of the Week: July 5th

The Sunbear Squad has resolved to make a difference for neglected and abused companion animals. They are transforming animal lovers into animal welfare defenders — with knowledge, tools, and inspiration.

Watch Tip: Listen for animal cries that persist for hours or days—a dog or cat is likely trapped nearby. You may be the only one who hears. Also watch for dogs and cats dumped next to busy highways. Call the authorities immediately, and take them to safety if you can. Be a Good Samaritan for animals.

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