Golden Retrievers Carino & Sage Dog Walk Monitors

Dog walkers monitor neighborhood, keep it clean – Stroll patrol keeps its eyes, ears open
By Agnes Jasinski, Gazette Staff Writer


Jill Feasley typically takes her golden retriever, Carina, out with her on neighborhood patrols, when she and neighbors walk the city paying attention to anything out of the ordinary.

While the overly friendly pet is less for protection and more for companionship, dog walkers like Feasley are often the eyes and ears of the city’s neighborhoods even on more informal ‘‘patrols.” ‘‘You do notice more, and you’re more aware of things that are different because you’re walking at the same time every night, and going to the same places,” Feasley said.

Halle Enyedy, co-owner of 5-year-old golden retriever, Sage, said it is dog walkers’ odd hours outdoors that make them in tune with neighborhood happenings. Dog walkers are out early in the morning and into the evening, often before and after daylight, she said. But the dog walkers she knows would still rather avoid coming across unsavory situations.

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