Golden Retriever Distraction Training …. oh my!

Here, cats are trained to participate in a dog’s training so that the dog learns to ignore the cats. My Alfie would go nuts if that was our kitty girl Cindy, who really looks very much like this particular cat enticing the Golden. Yet, he has learned that when she does come close and rubs against him, that he needs to remain as still as possible as any kind of movement on his part typically leads to her scampering off.


DEUCE: Rob Marshall’s flying Golden Retriever pupper


Recently we detailed Rob Marshall’s needing to find a name for his new pupper.

Rob Marshall’s Puppy Makes His Flying Debut
Meet the 8-Week-Old Golden Retriever

DENVER — SkyFOX pilot Rob Marshall just brought a new puppy home a few days ago. He’s a golden retriever. Dylan, Denver’s first flying dog is passing the torch to this little guy. The puppy made his debut flying aboard SkyFOX Wednesday morning. Call him Denver’s new flying puppy. He doesn’t have a name yet. …


Well, here’s the latest . . .

SkyFOX pilot Rob Marshall’s flying puppy now has a name

Rob has had the puppy for about a week, and he looked at literally hundreds of ideas for names for the little golden retriever. Rob and the entire Fox 31 News team wants to thank each and every person who took the time to email name suggestions, as well as those who wrote ideas in the Blogs section.

As many of you know, Rob’s companion of 12 and a half years, Dylan, was put to sleep recently after he battled health problems for a year. Dylan was Denver’s only flying dog.

Now, Rob’s new companion has become Denver’s only flying puppy. Rob announced Friday that the name he selected for the puppy is: DEUCE. One of Rob’s friends from California emailed the idea for this name. Rob said it fits perfectly, since the puppy follows in the footsteps of Dylan, and Rob’s first dog: Maxwell. He also said it is a great “call-sign” for any aviator.

This photo shows Fox 31 reporter Melissa Mollet meeting SkyFOX pilot Rob Marshall’s new puppy, April 25, 2007.

Click here to watch a NEW video of little Deuce. At the Fox page, just click on the small thumbnail photo listed under Videos.

Our favorite part is when a member of the news team begins playing with Deuce, getting down into a puppy bow play position.