Golden Retrievers have a new home

Golden retrievers have a new home
By LAUREN DONOVAN, Bismarck Tribune

WILL KINCAID/Tribune Steele’s Lynn DeKrey, spends some time getting to know some of the 7 rescued golden retrievers she is caring for. DeKrey said she is hoping the two adult females and five puppies, she is caring for, can be adopted within North Dakota. The five puppies are believed to be about 4 week old DeKrey said.

Lynn DeKrey got interested in saving golden retrievers when she saw a group’s booth at a dog show, but she never thought she would be doing it three months after signing up.

DeKrey, of Steele, was among volunteers who helped take 83 goldens from the Apple Creek Kennel last weekend. They were removed from longtime breeder Leonard Moos after a routine inspection by the USDA, which licenses dog breeding operations, found violations including dirty and poorly bedded kennels. Moos handed over the dogs voluntarily and said he was thankful the USDA came.

Nearly all the goldens went to foster homes in Minnesota, because the rescue group, RAGOM, is based there and it aligned with Animal Ark Shelter of Hastings, Minn., to care for the animals.

Seven of the goldens – two adult females and one of the female’s litter of five puppies – stayed in North Dakota with Lynn and Tim DeKrey, who have a boarding and grooming business at their farm and who love and have the golden retriever breed themselves.

The DeKreys will keep the saved goldens for at least another month, or for however long it takes for them to be adopted into proper homes. The puppies are just 3 weeks old.

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