Agility Golden Retriever Brooke


A golden retriever named Brooke runs the agility course with Leo Rosemeyer from Monroeville at the Western Pennsylvania Kennel Association dog show Saturday at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. Steven Adams/Tribune-Review


Service Golden Retriever George … A Vet Dog


Vet Dogs is a marvelous part of Smithtown, NY’s Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind, Inc.

Their program “was created so that America’s veterans would have their own K-9 corps and the chance to live with dignity and self-reliance once again. In addition to guide dogs, VetDogs will train and supply service dogs for veterans who have disabilities other than visual impairment.”

Come see 2-year-old Golden George who is part of this new training program. He is helping out at Walter Reed and it is really quite incredible what assistance this is providing. The sadness, though, is the fact that there are so many soldiers in need and so few trained dogs available.

Click here to see the incredible news clip of George on the job.