Missing my sweet Golden Darcy

Friendship Darcy Makena AX AXJ CGC—or Darcy Girl as I often called her—is no longer by my side. She lost her battle to fibrosarcoma on February 12, 2006, and honestly, I haven’t been the same since.

This is the adorable image that fills the screens of two 21-inch flat screen computer monitors that sit on my desk. It is a photo that I took of an 8-week-old sweet but spunky, mind-of-her-own, haughty, loved by all, beauty of a girl. It is the most appealing Golden Retriever photo I have ever seen, bar none. And, it will probably always be that way.

I try to remember this image instead of the look of the cancer that took her life and literally ate away at her beautiful face and well-being from the inside out. And, I know I need to be thankful for the time I was able to share, with a soul so sweet, that it shined from the inside out.

I just entered this photo in Luke’s 2 Dogs, 2,000 Miles 2010 Cancer “Can’t Keep a Good Dog Down” Calendar Contest. The contest honors and recognizes dogs who have been touched by cancer. Luke is actually walking from Austin to Boston with his two Pyrenees Mountain dogs, Hudson and Murphy, to bring attention to canine cancer.

You can support this organization and honor my Darcy with your vote at the same time. Just click here.


13 thoughts on “Missing my sweet Golden Darcy

  1. So cute… I miss my Roxie girl, too. Lost her last year to a sarcoma… in her leg and fortunately very quickly, within a couple months after her diagnosis. She was also an old girl and lucky to have a long healthy life. To lose a beautiful young one must be heartbreaking indeed.

  2. Rochelle, she was such a beautiful girl. My heart goes out to you (and my vote).

    I know exactly how you feel. Today we are remembering the day Jerry left us, 10/3/08. It’s almost a year, and our hearts still ache over losing him.

    We try to remember the lessons, and not weep too much, because he really, really hated it when I cried.

    Many hugs….

  3. Rochelle,

    Just before I read your latest entry, I got an email from my neighbors at the lake letting us know they just lost their rescued golden, Zeke, to cancer.

    Even though I now have my wonderful golden girl Lily, I still miss my beautiful Bailey, lost to cancer Jan. 29, 2007, at the age of 10 1/2.

    Thank you for sharing that glorious photo of your sweet Darcy girl.

  4. Donna, I showed a puppy photo but she lived way beyond puppyhood . . . all the way to 9. But, we all know, age does not matter. They could live 20 years and we would still have an empty heart after they left us.

  5. Rene, I just dread these ‘death’ anniversaries. I think we remember them more than we remember the more pleasant events in our lives. But, there is a reason for that. The grief is so intense that our limbic systems must be on overdrive when a death occurs. And, emotionally laden memories are the most potent. We slowly learn how to go on but we never, ever can forget what we lost.

  6. Oh, Susan, I am so, so sorry for your loss. I hate getting news like this. Just hate it. It takes no thinking at all to put myself in your shoes and remember what life was like so soon after both my Ollie and Darcy died. I was wearing sunglasses for weeks, with slits for eyes from all the crying. Your eulogy is so lovely. I know how hard it was to write.

  7. Getting news about another cancer death seems so commonplace, but each time I learn of another dog or person dying from cancer it pains me. My Alfie is almost 10 1/2 and I never know what tomorrow can bring. So, I hug and kiss on him constantly, telling him how much I love him. But, as you miss Bailey, I still miss my Ollie and Darcy.

  8. Rochelle – Darcy was such a beautiful doggie – it’s so hard to let our pets go – how heavy our hearts feel.

    I have my memories of my beloved Keelee – Golden Aussie mix – who died in May 2008, and now I’m losing my rescue mix sweet Apples – 14 1/2 – to mammary tumors. Golden Neeli (1 year old) needs and loves her teacher Apples – she still has a lot to learn.

    Hugs to you & yours.

  9. Oh, Nadine, sounds like too much sadness going on at your house. I am so sorry about Keelee and now Apples. You will need to pay special attention to Neeli so that she can get through all of this.

  10. my 10 year old golden retriever was diagnosed with fibrosarcoma in his nose on july 13. i’m feeding him an amazing diet made up of a chicken stew full of antioxidants and low fiber content veggies. he loves it!

    your messages, though sad, are so helpful to me in a time like this. i have so much hope that i could beat this cancer that’s eating it’s way from the inside out of his nose … we’ll not give up.

    love, jolly & his mom

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