Drew needs our help

Puppy Rescue Drew

We recently received a request for help from Cil Henson, President of Golden Beginnings Golden Retriever Rescue, Inc. Honored with the GRCA National Rescue Committee’s 2009 Starfish Award, Cil takes calls night and day, 7 days a week, as she truly leads by example.

Cil is in desperate need for help in raising funds for a young puppy rescue named Drew. He started  a 6-week regimen of  therapy and rehabilitation on November 4th, but the rescue only has $200 toward the $1800 cost.

I have a bit of experience with dogs that have special needs, who go on to help others deal with their own challenges. Just check out the story of Therapy Golden Retriever Polar.

Drew is a typically happy puppy who thinks everything in the world is fun and everyone in the world (human and canine) is great! Cats are fun to chase as he scoots around the house, and if he is fitted for a cart soon – as is hoped – look out!

He’s a tough little guy with an amazing amount of spirit, and all of that is in his favor as he copes with his somewhat limited mobility. He sees no reason why he should have to sit still and so he does everything in his power to follow his big foster brothers and sisters around the house and in the backyard. He’s fearless and smart, and willing to explore anywhere and everywhere.

Drew has apparently had a progressing neurological problem since birth or shortly thereafter that reached an acute stage, but he is on medications now that will hopefully stop the infection in its tracks and allow him to live a healthy life. He may need some physical therapy or rehabilitation to see exactly how much of the damage is permanent. He’s not expected to regain full use of his rear legs, but appears to be a great candidate for a cart.

Currently, Drew is staying at the Veterinary Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Clinic with Dr. Robinett every Monday through Friday for the next 4 weeks. It was hard to leave him there when Mondays come, but Cil knows he is in good hands.

Drew has begun chiropractic, electro-acupuncture, laser therapy, and range of motion treatments, and after the initial massage session, fell asleep and slept through most of the rest of the treatments. He is being kept in the reception area behind the desk at the clinic, and has been going home with Dr. Robinett at night.

Here is Cil’s recent November 6th update from Dr. Robinett.

Dr. Robinett is very excited about the progress Drew is making. His stifle joint (on the good leg) has already improved from a 5 degree range of motion to a 30 degree range of motion during the exercises.  They are using the underwater treadmill to partially float him when they do the range of motion exercises and are getting great results.

Drew has already started to bond some with Jerri and is following her around, and is now already protective when someone comes into the clinic – he barks to be sure they know someone has come in!

They are all impressed with his spirit and with his willingness to do whatever they ask of him. Dr. Robinett is already feeling pretty optimistic about his outcome on the good leg. The other leg will still be a challenge, but they hope to start seeing at least some results with that leg soon as well.

Keep up with everything Drew at his page at the rescue site, as Dr. Robinett will be taking photos and videos in order to document his progress from start to finish. If you’d like to donate to Drew’s rehab costs, click here.


Golden Retriever Ricochet Surfin for Paws-abilities

Golden Ricki

We’ve been following Golden Retriever Richochet ‘Rip Curl Ricki’ and Patrick for a few months now,

This newest project for Ricochet is to surf tandem with Patrick Ivison, who suffered a spinal cord injury as a result of an accident when he was only 14 months old. Patrick was diagnosed quadriplegic, but he is able to surf using an adaptive surfboard.

Although Patrick has excelled through the years in both school and adaptive sports (adaptive surfing is his specialty), he recently decided that having a service dog would help him achieve greater independence as he approaches his college years. Paws’itive Teams, a local non-profit organization that places service dogs with persons with disabilities, caught wind of Patrick’s story and matched him with a Golden Retriever named Kona.

Patrick also participates in an intense physical therapy program funded through Help Patrick Walk, which helps him build strength by exercising parts of his body he can’t move or control on his own. Since starting his therapy, Patrick has been able to do things he never thought he could.

The costs of training a service dog, and specialized physical therapy are steep, however – that’s where Ricochet’s knack for surfing and fundraising comes in. Ricochet will be carving waves at the Surf City Surf Dog event in Huntington Beach on October 11, where she hopes to share a wave with Patrick.

Here is a new video report on this unique pair:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Come learn more about Golden Surfing Dogs & see more fun surfing videos here.

Missing my sweet Golden Darcy

Friendship Darcy Makena AX AXJ CGC—or Darcy Girl as I often called her—is no longer by my side. She lost her battle to fibrosarcoma on February 12, 2006, and honestly, I haven’t been the same since.

This is the adorable image that fills the screens of two 21-inch flat screen computer monitors that sit on my desk. It is a photo that I took of an 8-week-old sweet but spunky, mind-of-her-own, haughty, loved by all, beauty of a girl. It is the most appealing Golden Retriever photo I have ever seen, bar none. And, it will probably always be that way.

I try to remember this image instead of the look of the cancer that took her life and literally ate away at her beautiful face and well-being from the inside out. And, I know I need to be thankful for the time I was able to share, with a soul so sweet, that it shined from the inside out.

I just entered this photo in Luke’s 2 Dogs, 2,000 Miles 2010 Cancer “Can’t Keep a Good Dog Down” Calendar Contest. The contest honors and recognizes dogs who have been touched by cancer. Luke is actually walking from Austin to Boston with his two Pyrenees Mountain dogs, Hudson and Murphy, to bring attention to canine cancer.

You can support this organization and honor my Darcy with your vote at the same time. Just click here.