“Doctor” Golden Retriever Sonny … a medical degree for $450!

It seems there is a satirical TV program on Australian television called The Chaser’s War on Everything. One of the members, Chas Licciardello, has a Golden named Sonny. Well, this group takes on many issues, in a comical way, of course, and last year took on Internet Degrees.

Chas actually obtained an Ashwood University medical diploma for his Golden Retriever, Sonny, it arriving one week after $450 was paid. Wikipedia notes that the University is located “in a California strip mall” while “all diplomas are mailed from Pakistan.”

In completing the “work experience” part of the application for the diploma, they listed “has eaten out of hospital rubbish bin for 5 years (35 dog years) and has significant proctology experience sniffing other dog’s bums”.

The academic transcript, reportedly given together with the diploma, listed that Sonny got grades A in “Immunology”, “Zoo Preceptorship” and “Medical Bacteriology” and an A- in “Oral Communication & Presentation Skills”.

This video is simply hysterical.

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