Golden Retriever Guide Dog-in-Training Winnie debuts

In October of 2006 we initially brought you the story about Golden Retriever Fisher. On August 18, 2006, training to be a guide dog, he made a guest appearance on the CBS Your Desk webcast. You can see the video webcast by clicking here.

Well, Fisher washed out of the program due to allergies, but his dad now gets to call him his own. And, Fisher is now training a new upstart named Winnie. She is adorable and seems so sweet, as all Golden puppies do, of course. Check out the whole story at Golden Fisher’s Blog!

To see a gorgeous 43-photo slide show of adorable Winnie, just click on the photo above.

To see some fun videos of Winnie’s debut and Fisher getting to play with his new sister-in-training, just check out the links below.

Welcome to Winnie Cam

Winnie attends to her Newsroom Duties

Winnie and Fisher play Chase

2 thoughts on “Golden Retriever Guide Dog-in-Training Winnie debuts

  1. Hey , im Jaz and is this the Winnie i think it is , coz im sponsering a guide do called winnie and she looks just like this winnie is it true? Write back! 🙂

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