Therapy Golden Retriever Ruca


Four-legged healers at the hospital – Hospital patients happy to have visits from dogs
By Edward Stoner, Vail Daily News

VAIL – Ruca jumped up onto Vic Gaglione’s hospital bed. Vic’s eye – the one that wasn’t swollen shut – brightened as he petted the golden retriever. “Dogs just have that natural love,” he said.

He missed his own dog, he said, as he played with Ruca. It was Gaglione’s third day in the hospital. A few weeks ago, the snowboarder had fallen at the Breckenridge terrain park – on the 85 foot jump, he said. “I caught my toe edge, I guess,” he said. He was diagnosed with an infection in his orbit, a cavity in his skull.

Ruca’s owner, Simone DeVine, got ready to take Ruca to the next patient. “You can leave her all day,” Gaglione said. “I’m OK with that.”

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3 thoughts on “Therapy Golden Retriever Ruca

  1. It’s interesting that this program requires that the dogs be bathed within 24 hours prior to visiting. Thankfully our group has no such requirement. My Molly’s skin could not take such frequent bathing. Thankfully our program leaves the hygiene and vaccinations (except for those required by state law) up to the recommendations of each individual team’s Veterinarian.

  2. Yeah, goldens really shouldn’t be bathed more than once a month or so. And I use a very mild shampoo when I do bathe mine.

    I really want to get my Darwin into a therapy program – he’s getting basic training right now and then will get his canine good citizen…

  3. I guess this bathing policy is a requirement of the hospital but it seems to be excessive.
    I’m sure a number of visitors that come to the hospital are not as clean as a Golden usually is.

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