Tedicare . . . Golden Retriever Style

I saw Phoenix Woman’s blog post, Public Option: Tedicare for All, and knew I wanted to create a compelling image to go with the idea.

So, now that we’ve established that what Max Baucus and his insurance-industry buddies want is not what Teddy Kennedy wanted, the question is: What did Teddy Want?

We’ve already established that, too: Single-payer, or “Medicare for all”. But since he couldn’t get that, he compromised by backing the inclusion of a strong public option in whatever legislation came before Congress.  HR 3200 has it. So does the Senate HELP Committee bill. But nothing that Big Bucks Baucus backs has a public option of any sort, much less a strong one.

Baucus is trying to fool us all into thinking he and Kennedy never disagreed on anything health-care-related, when in fact Kennedy and Baucus sparred openly this year over the inclusion of a public option in health care reform legislation.

As both David “Kagro X” Waldman and Jane Hamsher point out,  naming a bad bill after Teddy is an insult to his memory.   It’s better to name the key thing he wanted, the one thing that was non-negotiable to him, after him:  The public option.

My first image, which is free for folks to use and share with others who believe in a public option CHOICE in health care reform, was this cute teddy bear as it so fits the loving nature of Senator Kennedy.

But, then I decided to create a Golden Retriever inspired Tedicare image. What do you think? Click on it to see a supersized version

You can also get some cool items with these images at my foundation’s Cafe Press store. All profits from their sale will be donated to Firedoglake’s campaign for the public option. To check out our Tedicare items, just click here.

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