Golden lovin’ & savin’ Sam Connelly made my day!

A Serious Golden Retriever Salsa ready for her next important mission

Sam Connelly became known to the Land of PureGold when she won Fourth Place in our Treasured Golden Bonds Storywriting Contest, with: Emilee, The Throw Away Dog. Sam also provided us with a wonderful tracking tale: Darla Lost and Found. An experienced Search & Rescue professional, Sam recently formed her own company, Pure Gold Pet Trackers, the team consisting of Sam and her Golden Retrievers, Salsa & Brando.

Working dog teams (including scent dogs for SAR, tracking & trailing; substance detection dogs for agriculture, explosives, human remains, etc.) do their jobs under the most hazardous environmental conditions to help find the lost, bring help to the injured, and so much more. So, finding a cost-effective and safe product to make their lives easier would genuinely be a great help.

For whatever reason, Sam happened onto my website within a week of my adding Liquid Net for Pets, a new, natural flea, tick & insect repellent product. She ordered two bottles. And, this is what happened . . . .

[June 6, 2009] It has been such a horrible year for ticks. I have had numerous searches in Virginia where my Golden Salsa and I were bitten so badly that I look like I just got over the worst case of chicken pox. We’re positive for Lyme Disease, but at the moment our bodies are successfully fighting off the disease and we are without symptoms.
I just feel bad for Salsa because her fur is so thick and fluffy that the ticks are just all over her as soon as she goes through the first field of tall grass. We had one search in Ashburn, VA where I pulled nearly 100 ticks off of her after only three hours of tracking. It was disgusting. When I ran my hand down her front legs they felt like washboards from all of the ticks. She has been on Frontline Plus and then I switched to K9 Advantix and neither has stopped the ticks. The only comfort is that any ticks I miss will die as soon as they bite her. I would love something that actually repels them and can be used on both of us. So I’m really looking forward to trying Liquid Net for Pets Ultimate Flea, Tick & Insect Repellent. And, BELIEVE ME, if it works as well as it says, I will be letting you know.

[Ten days later] I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The two Liquid Net for Pets bottles I just purchased are gifts for rescue managers that I work with who spend a lot of time out chasing lost foster dogs in Virginia—which has got to be one of the most tick-ridden places I have ever searched. I can put Liquid Net for Pets on my face (I’m allergic to EVERYTHING and most repellents cause me to break out in a rash), in my hair, on my clothes, on my DOG (which is so fantastic because I worry about causing her to not be able to smell when I use chemicals on her), and my gear.

Last night we were tracking a little Italian Greyhound down in Richmond that got away from a boarding kennel. We were in woods and in a field with grass and weeds that were up to our chests and when we got home there wasn’t a tick on either of us! The owner of the dog who has been looking for her little dog for two weeks now— and has been plagued with ticks every time she goes anywhere off of paved areas — called me this morning and begged me to send her the link for the spray, because she didn’t have any ticks either this time. This is a wonderful product and I will be recommending it to everyone I know. Thanks for introducing this to us. I’m going to take a picture of Salsa wearing her tracking harness sitting next to the bottle! — Sam Connelly

In the video below Sam demonstrates two pet tracking techniques, air scent tracking and straight tracking.

Go visit Sam’s website, Pure Gold Pet Trackers, to pick up some GReat tips on how to keep your pets safe, and on what to do if they get lost.

And, be sure to get some Liquid Net for Pets for your treasured dogs and yourself as well, this strength perfect for adults as you can tell by Sam’s immersing her whole body in it [ingredients shown below].

  • Citronella Oil – essential oil derived form different species of ‘lemon grass’, a natural animal and insect repellent.
  • Cedarwood Oil – fragrant natural insect repellent. Cedar has been used for centuries to repel various insects, and is regarded for it’s fresh clean scent.
  • Lemon-grass Oil – derived from tall perennial grass, lemon grass oil has been used for centuries as a natural insect repellent.
  • Geraniol – an extract of thyme, a natural insect repellent with a sweet, fresh and spicy scent
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate – naturally occurring wetting and thickening agent. Commonly used in toothpaste, shaving cream, bubble baths and other health and beauty products.
  • Peppermint Oil – natural insect repellent, produces a wonderful scent, and a pleasant cooling on the skin.
  • Eugenol – an essential oil from clove and cinnamon. Natural insect repellent, and used as an artificial vanilla flavoring and scent.
  • Lime juice and zest of limes are highly valued for their floral aroma and acidity.
  • Wintergreen – natural insect repellent, produces a wonderful scent, and a pleasant cooling on the skin.
  • Water essential to all known forms of life and is known as the universal solvent. Used to dissolve and mix active ingredients to allow them to be readily applied.

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