Happy ending: Golden Retriever stolen during carjacking returned

Couldn’t be better news than this:

Naylor just before midnight on New Year’s Eve had returned to her apartment in the 1100 block of FM 518, when a man approached Naylor’s Jeep Grand Cherokee and ordered the woman and her daughters out.

The family got out safely, but Buddy was in the SUV as the carjacker drove away. The dog didn’t have a nametag or a microchip.

Naylor’s vehicle was found burned out New Year’s Day morning in the 11000 block of U.S. Highway 59, Sgt. John Jordan, a League City police spokesman, said.

Authorities couldn’t find Buddy.

Naylor said she didn’t expect anyone to find the puppy alive.

A woman, however, called Naylor on Sunday saying she had found a dog that matched photos of Buddy shown on the news after the carjacking.

The woman had picked up the dog at a McDonald’s restaurant near Little York Road and U.S. Highway 59 in north Houston, where a homeless man had tried to sell Buddy to her Sunday, Jordan said.

Two League City police investigators drove with Naylor on Monday to retrieve the dog.

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Golden lovin’ & savin’ Sam Connelly made my day!

A Serious Golden Retriever Salsa ready for her next important mission

Sam Connelly became known to the Land of PureGold when she won Fourth Place in our Treasured Golden Bonds Storywriting Contest, with: Emilee, The Throw Away Dog. Sam also provided us with a wonderful tracking tale: Darla Lost and Found. An experienced Search & Rescue professional, Sam recently formed her own company, Pure Gold Pet Trackers, the team consisting of Sam and her Golden Retrievers, Salsa & Brando.

Working dog teams (including scent dogs for SAR, tracking & trailing; substance detection dogs for agriculture, explosives, human remains, etc.) do their jobs under the most hazardous environmental conditions to help find the lost, bring help to the injured, and so much more. So, finding a cost-effective and safe product to make their lives easier would genuinely be a great help.

For whatever reason, Sam happened onto my website within a week of my adding Liquid Net for Pets, a new, natural flea, tick & insect repellent product. She ordered two bottles. And, this is what happened . . . .

[June 6, 2009] It has been such a horrible year for ticks. I have had numerous searches in Virginia where my Golden Salsa and I were bitten so badly that I look like I just got over the worst case of chicken pox. We’re positive for Lyme Disease, but at the moment our bodies are successfully fighting off the disease and we are without symptoms.
I just feel bad for Salsa because her fur is so thick and fluffy that the ticks are just all over her as soon as she goes through the first field of tall grass. We had one search in Ashburn, VA where I pulled nearly 100 ticks off of her after only three hours of tracking. It was disgusting. When I ran my hand down her front legs they felt like washboards from all of the ticks. She has been on Frontline Plus and then I switched to K9 Advantix and neither has stopped the ticks. The only comfort is that any ticks I miss will die as soon as they bite her. I would love something that actually repels them and can be used on both of us. So I’m really looking forward to trying Liquid Net for Pets Ultimate Flea, Tick & Insect Repellent. And, BELIEVE ME, if it works as well as it says, I will be letting you know.

[Ten days later] I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The two Liquid Net for Pets bottles I just purchased are gifts for rescue managers that I work with who spend a lot of time out chasing lost foster dogs in Virginia—which has got to be one of the most tick-ridden places I have ever searched. I can put Liquid Net for Pets on my face (I’m allergic to EVERYTHING and most repellents cause me to break out in a rash), in my hair, on my clothes, on my DOG (which is so fantastic because I worry about causing her to not be able to smell when I use chemicals on her), and my gear.

Last night we were tracking a little Italian Greyhound down in Richmond that got away from a boarding kennel. We were in woods and in a field with grass and weeds that were up to our chests and when we got home there wasn’t a tick on either of us! The owner of the dog who has been looking for her little dog for two weeks now— and has been plagued with ticks every time she goes anywhere off of paved areas — called me this morning and begged me to send her the link for the spray, because she didn’t have any ticks either this time. This is a wonderful product and I will be recommending it to everyone I know. Thanks for introducing this to us. I’m going to take a picture of Salsa wearing her tracking harness sitting next to the bottle! — Sam Connelly

In the video below Sam demonstrates two pet tracking techniques, air scent tracking and straight tracking.

Go visit Sam’s website, Pure Gold Pet Trackers, to pick up some GReat tips on how to keep your pets safe, and on what to do if they get lost.

And, be sure to get some Liquid Net for Pets for your treasured dogs and yourself as well, this strength perfect for adults as you can tell by Sam’s immersing her whole body in it [ingredients shown below].

  • Citronella Oil – essential oil derived form different species of ‘lemon grass’, a natural animal and insect repellent.
  • Cedarwood Oil – fragrant natural insect repellent. Cedar has been used for centuries to repel various insects, and is regarded for it’s fresh clean scent.
  • Lemon-grass Oil – derived from tall perennial grass, lemon grass oil has been used for centuries as a natural insect repellent.
  • Geraniol – an extract of thyme, a natural insect repellent with a sweet, fresh and spicy scent
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate – naturally occurring wetting and thickening agent. Commonly used in toothpaste, shaving cream, bubble baths and other health and beauty products.
  • Peppermint Oil – natural insect repellent, produces a wonderful scent, and a pleasant cooling on the skin.
  • Eugenol – an essential oil from clove and cinnamon. Natural insect repellent, and used as an artificial vanilla flavoring and scent.
  • Lime juice and zest of limes are highly valued for their floral aroma and acidity.
  • Wintergreen – natural insect repellent, produces a wonderful scent, and a pleasant cooling on the skin.
  • Water essential to all known forms of life and is known as the universal solvent. Used to dissolve and mix active ingredients to allow them to be readily applied.

Golden Retriever Bingley saved his own life

A terrible situation became one of triumph here. We all simply love heroes, 2 and 4-footed ones both.

18-unit apartment building in Orono gutted by fire
23 tenants displaced; golden retriever ‘saved his own life’

Known locally as the Katahdin Building, the circa-1830 brick structure over the years has housed a tavern, the town’s first public library, a bank and offices. In recent decades, the original brick portion and wood additions built later had been converted into 18 apartment units. It also was one of a handful of area apartment buildings in which dogs were allowed to live.

In a scene that brought cheers and tears from the hundreds of spectators who converged at the intersection, a firefighter emerged nearly two hours after the fire started carrying a golden retriever named Bingley who had initially been presumed dead.

Though wet, shivering and a little wild-eyed, Bingley otherwise appeared to be in good condition considering his ordeal. Medical personnel noted some singed fur on his hindquarters but little other apparent damage.

Bingley’s owner, recent UM graduate Jennifer Dunham, was overcome with emotion and declined comment Tuesday evening as she watched emergency rescue personnel dry her dog off with a towel and administer oxygen through one of the special masks for animal rescues recently donated to the Orono Fire Department.

Richard Bowie of the Down East Emergency Medical Institute, who was among dozens of rescue personnel at the scene, said the dog was found on the second floor of the original brick section of the building in a foot of water. The dog had squeezed himself into a small space to escape the fire.

“That dog saved his own life,” Bowie said Tuesday.

“I’m speechless,” UM student Patrick Scholz said shortly after the dog was carried over to a waiting ambulance.

Just love those tales with happy endings.

Sampson went straight back in the water after nearly drowning there recently.

Sampson went straight back in the water after nearly drowning there recently.

I do hope this family is careful now with this crafty guy, who certainly does relish his freedom.

‘Seaway’ Samson brings Margaret strength
By Melissa Townsend, Australia Goldcoast Bulletin, February 17, 2009

Sampson reunited with Margaret Maroney at Benowa

Sampson reunited with Margaret Maroney

A GOLDEN retriever rescued from the Broadwater after getting into trouble in 4m high waves on Saturday was reunited with his owner yesterday. Margaret Maroney was overjoyed to see her beloved dog Samson when her son Nathan brought him to visit her at Pindara Private Hospital.

Ms Maroney, from Mount Tamborine, is undergoing treatment for breast cancer and her son has been looking after Samson for her. “I’m so happy he’s here,” she said.

He said the highlight of her day was being wheeled through the park next to the hospital with her son and the dog close by.”She’s always been an animal lover and she’s had dogs all her life,” he said. “We grew up with dogs.”

Ms Maroney bought Samson from the pound about six months ago, before she became ill with cancer. When she found him, he had already been surrendered to the pound twice, but she liked that he was a fighter. She named him Samson after the biblical character whose strength lay in his hair. “He’s quite a strong dog and that’s why we called him Samson,” said Nathan. “If you look at his paws, they’re massive. They’re paws of a strong dog.”

The two-year-old pooch was at the designated dog beach at The Spit with Nathan on Saturday when he took off towards the dunes after some seagulls. “He just loves to chase these seagulls,” said Nathan. “Any other sort of bird he doesn’t worry about.

“When he’s chased them before he’s never run off on me, but the seagulls were in a feeding frenzy down near the rockway. “The last I saw of him, he was in the rockway about half a kilometre away.” Thinking Samson would return, Nathan waited a few minutes, but soon became worried when he didn’t. “It was very
rainy and there was no use trying to call because my voice would just get blown away with the wind,” he said.

For an hour, he searched the treeline and the dunes, but to no avail. His initial thought was that someone had stolen Samson. “I looked through the sand dunes and it crossed my mind that he could be in the water because he does like the sea,” he said.

Little did Nathan know Samson had chased the seagulls into the Broadwater near the Seaway. The dog had become stranded in seas reaching up to 4m and was close to drowning. Luckily a member of the public called Volunteer Marine Rescue and a crew arrived in just four minutes. With some heavy manpower, Samson was lifted into the safety of the vessel and taken back to base.

Meanwhile, Nathan undertook the dreadful task of calling his mother to let her know Samson had disappeared. “I was pretty upset with myself for losing her dog,” he said. Nathan left messages with the Animal Welfare League and local vets, in the hope someone would bring Samson in to be scanned for a microchip. “I prayed to G-d that Mum would get her dog back and G-d came through,” he said.

The circumstances in which he was found were certainly bizarre. “He’s a very cheeky dog and very mischievous, but he’s very loyal. “I’m very grateful.”

Despite the ordeal, Samson was out enjoying the surf yesterday afternoon with Nathan. Several times he looked up to the sky longingly at the seagulls, but this time Nathan was right on his tail.

Click on the photo below to see a video of Samson swimming in the surf.

New reporting on 3-legged Golden hero, Calamity Jane

Calamity Jane's sweet disposition seen here

Calamity Jane's sweet disposition seen here

We posted about this lovely hero yesterday, and have also added Calamity Jane, initially named Annie Oakley, to our site’s incredible listing of close to 100 Golden Retriever heroes.

Golden Retriever Hero, Calamity Jane

Golden Retriever Hero, Calamity Jane

But, we have learned more to the story in an incredible new video that we recently discovered.
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If you’d like to rescue a dog like Calamity Jane or one of her puppies, visit Golden Retriever Rescue of Texas.

Calamity Jane is one Brave Hero! — Updated

See update here.

This story was shared with me by Anne Visser, one of the wonderful volunteers with Golden Retriever Rescue of North Texas, as this special girl came from this facility.

3-Legged Dog Scares Robbers From Fort Worth Home
By Joel Thomas, FORT WORTH (CBS 11 News), Feb 3, 2009

Every now and then you hear stories about dogs thwarting crimes; this is another one – with a twist. A dog saved a North Texas family from gunmen. She has a lot of courage, but it’s what the dog doesn’t have that makes her even more special.

Be sure to click here to see the video news report and learn the rest of the story.

Miracles do happen . . . and this time it’s Golden

Lori Butikofer and her golden retriever Sandy were recently reunited after the dog had been trapped in an underground tunnel for almost six months. Despite losing almost 30 pounds, the dog was no worse for wear and is back home again.

Lori Butikofer and her golden retriever Sandy were recently reunited after the dog had been trapped in an underground tunnel for almost six months. Despite losing almost 30 pounds, the dog was no worse for wear and is back home again.

Oh my, I cannot even begin to imagine what life was like for this sweet little Golden Retriever. h/t to Steve Harder for letting me know about this incredible tale. Go here to learn the tale of how Squirty survived for 6 months in a tunnel before finally being discovered.

Golden Retriever Service Dog Midas saves his human’s life!

Service Golden Retriever Midas and Mom,

Service Golden Retriever Midas and Mom, Myrna

For years I have collected tales of Golden heroes, currently with almost 90 in my incredible collection. I never tire of learning about a new story that underlies my convictions about the intimate bond that only a dog can have with his or her beloved person.

This story of Service Golden Retriever Midas is an especially wonderful one. Midas was pretty heroic, almost from day one, when he was paired in 2001 with his human companion, Myrna. But, now almost 7 years later, he has proven just how crucial he is.

Myrna has Muscular Dystrophy and only has movement in her wrist and toes. She cannot lift her arm to scratch her face. She cannot pick up her arm if it falls off her armrest.

Here is a video news report from WPBF’s Cathleen O’Toole who details how Midas helped his human companion keep breathing.

And, here is Myrna’s story about getting this special boy.

Greetings. My name is Myrna and my companion’s name is My Midas. He became my hero just about a month after we became partners after team training at New Horizons Service Dogs.

It was early in the morning, about 5 a.m. After getting ready to start our daily routine and go to work, Midas and I said good-bye to my husband and son. We went out the door of our apartment, to the hallway, then to the sidewalk that takes us to the parking lot, where we wait for the special transportation to pick us up and take us to my place of employment. Since this is something that we have been doing for a month, I hold the leash in my hand while we are outside. I was not aware that during the night the maintenance people had dug up part of the sidewalk leaving it uneven.

Suddenly I felt the front tire of my wheelchair sink, and because of the limited mobility in my hands I was not able to prevent what came next. The front of the wheelchair sank in the hole, and it tilted forward. I ended up in the grass face down with a 300-pound power wheelchair on top of my back. For a moment I felt that my world was about to come to an end. I could not distinguish from the darkness of the morning or from the accident. I tried to call for help, but my voice was not loud enough for anyone to hear me.

At that moment Midas somehow got the leash out of my hand, and came to me and licked me in my face, sort of making sure that I was alive. I was able to tell him, “Midas, we are in trouble. Get help.”

I had no idea if he knew what I was talking about. I was just sort of talking to myself, trying to think how I got to the ground. Midas licked me one more time and left. He went back to my apartment door, got up on his back legs and started making growling noises and scratching the door. My husband was getting our son ready for school when he heard the noise. He was curious about the reason Midas was back at the door when he knew we should be out front waiting for our van pick up. He opened the door and saw Midas growling and running back and forth, sort of telling him to follow.

My husband ran outside and found me on the ground. Midas came to where I was and sat near me until my husband was able to unbuckle the seat belt and get the wheelchair off my back and then pick me up from the ground. I had bruised ribs and a bump on my forehead, but if Midas had not been there, it could have been hours before anyone noticed that I was injured. Because of his actions my injuries were less than they would have been. He kissed me twice to make sure that I stayed alert. He really might have saved my life that day.

Midas received an honorary Heroic Certificate for his bravery and for finding help for me from the Red Cross. New Horizons Service Dogs not only provided me with a lifetime partner to help me with my daily needs, but also they have given me the opportunity to expand my horizons and become active and productive member of our community again. Since I received Midas, my life has changed drastically. I have gone from being homebound and very dependent on physical assistance, with frequent panic attacks to a very independent, outgoing and active member of our community. Midas has given me a way to return to real life.

Be sure to visit the Land of PureGold Foundation for almost 90 more heroic tales.

Thank SAR Golden Retriever Trulee for Climber’s Dramatic Rescue!

Greg Varney of the King County Search Dogs team feeds and praises his golden retriever, Trulee, who followed the scent of a granola bar to climber Derek Mamoyac in rough terrain at the 6,000-foot level of Mount Adams. Photo by Thomas Boyd/The Oregonian



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An amazing tale of survival

Jill Bartlett and other rescuers spoke glowingly of Mamoyac after he was found alive after five frigid days and nights on the mountain. “He was in very good shape for what he went through,” she told The Oregonian.

As she and several other rescuers waited with him before he was flown from the mountain, he told them he ate centipedes and other bugs after running out of food early in the week. He drank water from creeks.

He was wearing water-resistant pants, insulated boots and gloves but was still very cold. “We put all our coats on him, and he was still shivering,” Bartlett said. “We asked him, ‘Are you warm? and he said ‘yeah.’ ”

Mamoyac was found by the team of Greg Varney with his search dog, Trulee, a golden retriever, and navigator, Ron Buermann, who kept them on course. Mamoyac told rescuers that his climbing trip turned bad as he was descending after reaching Piker’s Peak at 11,657 feet, below the mountain’s summit. He stepped in some snow he thought was solid, but it gave way.

Bartlett said the climber broke his right ankle tumbling down the mountain. He spent nearly four days crawling and dragging his feet through the snow, trying to drag himself off the mountain. When his knees hurt too much to crawl, he said he would turn around and scoot backward.

“We get happy endings, but not at the end of a five-day search,” rescuer Varney said.

Well, this is pretty cool.

After spending five lonely days as the subject of a search, Mamoyac’s mother says, her son has decided what he wants to do with his life. He plans to pursue a career in search and rescue.

Hopefully, he can talk to Greg Varney about that as he is the Operations Leader for King County Search Dogs.

He is working quite hard as Golden Retriever Trulee is qualified in trailing, airscent and cadaver searches.

Geoff Hendrickson – Best friend to our Golden Retrievers


Geoff is one of my Golden photo pals. He knows he can always send me good cheer by sharing some of his wonderful pictures. He recently was one of my Top 10 winners in my foundation’s Through Their Eyes Photo Contest, the photo above of his Sam one of his fabulous entries. Geoff has a boat and is always outdoors, so Sam is an outdoors boy as well.

Geoff just added a new rescue Goldendoodle guy, named Bandit, to his family. Here is the story of how he came to get this guy.

Noele and her eight 3-week-old pups were sold at a puppy mill auction in OK. They were held and vetted and made their way east after a few weeks. Originally I was going to foster but had second thoughts and did not want to suffer postpartum depression. When I came to visit four of the pups, Bandit walked right up to me with no coaxing or eye contact and promptly sat between my feet. So the selection was made.

Golden Sam is now breaking in this young boy, and teaching him about the wonders of water!

Bandit now is fascinated with the view of his paws underwater.

This is Bandit’s first puddle crossing. Sam is cheering him on.

Sam rousts some Mallards. Bandit watches from the safety of the bank.

Last month Geoff even assisted in a Search and Rescue mission when Bandit’s mom, Noelle, went missing. What a tale Geoff tells:

A few weeks ago I received an email from our Rescue that Bandit’s Golden Mom (Noelle 18-month-old Puppy Mill victim) had bolted and had eluded many volunteers and the local Police late into the night. A fresh start the next day yielded few results. Sam, Bandit and I saddled up and drove almost 2 hours to Barnagate, NJ to join the search.

To make a long story short, we limited our search to the most miserable plot of ground, infested with thorns, vines, brambles, scrub pines, ticks and chiggers bordering on the Garden State Parkway. I felt this was a logical place for a panicked dog to hide. Sure enough, after much slogging and cussing, we spotted her and she bolted from her hiding space. Luckily, everyone searching had cell phones and the human and canine net converged.

We cornered her behind a house and she made two attempts to make an end run past us. I made a pretty spectacular diving grab for her still attached leash and caught her. Twenty-two hours after her escape, she was safe and sound. It took us a little over an hour to find and secure her.

Kudos go out to Sam and baby Bandit. Sam led the way and Bandit (3.5 months old) followed like he was welded to Sam. Even while leashed, they both did me proud making their way through some very rude terrain. A finer day we could not have prayed for, nor paid for!

Geoff just gave me an update yesterday on how Noelle is doing. It is really a tough transition when dogs are rescued from puppy mill situations where they have been kept in cages and not socialized at all.

Just as an update, I saw Noelle on Sunday and she has made a remarkable transformation. She is still a bit shy but her body has really blossomed. She gets walked 4-6 times a day for 3-5 miles each! I also found out that she had two LITTERS BY 18months!!

Golden Retriever pup Jake stolen, lost, then found, now has new home

Jake was a mere 8-weeks-old when someone stole him last September from the Humane Society in Golden Valley. Minneapolis police officer Patty Grant found him running loose during a cold spell last week and picked him up. Of course, after spending just minutes with him, she knew he would be a wonderful addition to her family. Click below on Jake to watch the video, and you will learn how responsible Officer Grant was and how microchips are a great thing to have.



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Poor Golden Lulu – Happy Ending Update


This adorable 15-week-old puppy from Cary, NC was stolen right from her bed (a story we brought to you on January 17th). Click on Lulu to see a video about her plight. The video works best in Internet Explorer (at page just click on “WATCH VIDEO”).


Lulu was reunited with her owner Thursday, Cary police said, after a woman, claiming she received the animal as a gift, returned her.

Authorities said the woman, identified as “Betty,” told Lulu’s owner, Andrea Sexton, her sister purchased Lulu for $50 from a man at a gas station in Angier.

Betty said she found Sexton’s number on a flier, contacted her and met with her and determined the puppy was Lulu, police said.



Click here to see a video of Lulu’s return, her now playing with her toys and happy to be home again after her 10 day adventure.

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Golden mix on highway for months back home with family

dog01bcjr_400.jpgOn December 1st we detailed a story about a Golden mix named Oleander (named that by rescuers as it referred to the bushes on the median), who had been living within the median bushes on Interstate 10 in Banning for at least 2 months.

She was rescued and was at a shelter awaiting a forever home. When brought in, this poor thing was a mere 35 pounds, also sporting a fractured front leg.


Well, it turns out that this rescued lass no longer needs a new home as she is now happily back in her former one. It turns out her name is Precious and you can be sure that the family received a Christmas present that will be remembered forever.

It turns out that although the family believed that Precious was home in their backyard, she had been scared by a thunderstorm at the time, and had then jumped over the wall there.

It was actually due to the previous newspaper story that The Carrillos family were alerted to her being at the shelter.

The Carrillos say that when they went to the shelter, they knew for sure the dog was theirs. “I was really happy. I was crying,” Alexis said.

The animal services officials believed the dog was the Carrillos’ because they correctly described the collar the dog was wearing when she was rescued, said department spokesman John Welsh. When the family came to the shelter, Precious “got very, very excited” when she saw Alexis, Welsh said.

Precious has been home for about a week and is on a weight-gain program. The Carrillos say their veterinarian thinks the dog won’t need surgery to repair a fractured leg, as originally believed. The cast on her front right leg barely slowed her down Thursday afternoon as she scampered about the living room, lapping up the attention that Alexis and her brother, 13-year-old L.J., lavished on her.

L.J. said he wants to thank the CHP officer who rescued her. “I have my dog back,” he said. “My little buddy.”

Click above to see a video of this story (works best in Internet Explorer)


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Hoping Golden Marley gets more care

18-month-old Golden Marley was recently rescued from Snake River in Shelley, Idaho. But, the most troubling part was the fact that this young dog was an outside dog, something we do not commonly see in the breed. She was only discovered to have fallen through the ice when her young owner went outside to give her dogs some food.

Once to the bank, Marley was rushed to the vet. Courtney Harder, Marley’s owner: “She was just soaked, had little icicles hanging from her ears, still whimpering, and I was shocked to find she didn’t have hypothermia at all. She was out there at least 2 hours.

Marley is home now and has been spending most of the time indoors, but when let outside, she did wander back down to the river.

Courtney Harder, Marley’s owner: “I was like, ‘No! What are you thinking?!’ I thought she had learned her lesson, but obviously she hasn’t!

Courtney says because Marley did not learn her lesson, she will now either be an inside dog or be kept in the fenced area of the yard.

Click above to see the video of this story. It is quite telling.


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Golden Retriever Pups Rescued from Sub-Freezing Conditions – Updated

kbci_puppies.jpgThank goodness Kelly McKenney came to the rescue for 13 dogs, including 5 Golden puppies, that had been left out in the freezing cold for several days.

What a sad commentary on the owner to do such a thing to helpless animals, which included several adult Goldens, two adult Boxers and two adult Doberman Pinchers.

Click here to learn more and to see a video about this rescue in Idaho. (We could only get the video to work in Internet Explorer.)



UPDATE: Dog owner faces animal cruelty charges

The Ada County Prosecutor’s Office confirms Oliver Palmer also faces charges of animal neglect and animal cruelty in Ada County. The charges stem from citations issued back in 2006. One for permitting animals to go without care – that charge was filed in July of 2006. The other charge involves a citation for cruelty to animals, filed in December of 2006.

Additional charges are pending against Palmer for animal neglect for the dogs found at a home on Harris Creek Road in Boise County on Christmas Eve.

Prosecutors there say they take all information, including incidents, into consideration when deciding whether to new file charges.

The Idaho Humane Society seized 13 purebred dogs from the home. Included in the mix were five golden retriever puppies. Witnesses told the sheriff’s office that the dogs were chained with no access to shelter, water or wholesome food.

“This cold weather outdoors is no place to have six-week-old puppies, and we have six-week-old puppies exposed to the elements, they’re in eminent danger of dying,” said Dr. Jeff Rosenthal, Idaho Humane Society.

Golden Ben home for Xmas

Photo by Kecia Bal / The Tribune-Democrat

It is always wonderful to hear stories like these.

After two days of searching and crying for her silky haired golden retriever, Teri Shannon knew all she wanted for Christmas was her gentle pet Ben. Ben already has a pile of squeaky toys in his stocking.

After wandering away in a snowstorm Sunday, Ben was returned to Shannon’s Somerset Township home Tuesday afternoon for a tearful reunion.

The Golden face of rescue


Rescuer Rod Eitel wore a dry suit to rescue two dogs who fell into a pond. They were in the water for 10 minutes before firefighters arrived. Both dogs and are doing fine.

The dogs got away from their owner around 12:30 p.m. Saturday and ran onto 3/4 inch thick ice at the pond near the FunPlex, 1501 65th Ave. The owner called rescuers who were able to locate the dogs, which had wandered 50 feet from the shore before falling in.

It took a whole fire department to save Golden Mandy

This is such a wonderful story. I only wish I had a photo of Mandy to include as well. I loved that the Fire Department was honored for the rescue. I am reproducing the entire story as it is so often the case that links disappear over time. I just don’t want anyone to miss this as it says so much about humanity and whole special our fire department personnel truly are.

Skowhegan: PETA honors firefighters for dog rescue
By Sharon Kiley Mack, Bangor Daily News, November 30, 2007

Home alone last Saturday, golden retriever Mandy was faced with a fire and no avenue of escape. The dog had backed herself into a bathroom, as far as possible from the burning storage room.

She was gasping for breath, dense smoke hovering just two feet from the floor.

That’s when Skowhegan firefighters Rick Caldwell and Linwood Corson, and Capt. Dan Bosworth came to her rescue, locating her in the burning house, carrying her outside and offering emergency medical treatment.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals recognized their efforts this week, presenting the department with PETA’s Compassionate Fire Department Award.

“The compassion and dedication shown by these firefighters will serve as an inspiration to others throughout the community and beyond,” PETA Director Daphna Nachminovitch said Thursday. “Skowhegan is very fortunate to have a public agency that is ready to protect the town’s residents and their beloved four-legged companions.”

Caldwell was on duty at the Skowhegan Fire Station on Thursday and he recalled the rescue.

“We got the call of a possible structure fire on Silver Street last Saturday,” he said. “We were told that no one was home but there was a dog trapped in the building.”

Caldwell said the rescue was a total team effort. “It took the whole department,” he said. “Firefighters going inside the building can only feel comfortable if they know they are backed up by fellow firefighters outside. This backup enabled me to focus on looking for the dog.”

Caldwell said flames were coming out a side window and the dog had retreated to the opposite side of the house. “I found her standing there in a bathroom, gasping for breath. Her mouth was open and she was struggling to breathe.”

Caldwell said that while Corson kept water on the fire, he attempted to pick up the dog. “I scooped her up. She squirmed a little bit and I started to lose my grip but Capt. Bosworth tapped me on the shoulder and said ‘I’ve got her butt,’” and between the two men, Mandy was carried outside and put the ground.

“I removed the bypass valve from my air tank and placed it near her face,” Caldwell said. “I kept saying to her ‘Come on. Hang on. You can make it.’” Caldwell said Skowhegan EMS providers then took over Mandy’s care and she was taken by family members to a Waterville veterinary clinic.

“There was some initial concern that her lungs might have been burned,” Caldwell said. “But I called the owners the next day and they said the dog was eating and appeared to be doing well.” Mandy has since returned home.

“You know, you hate to see people lose their personal belongings in a fire, but in this case, they got their dog back,” Caldwell said. “It’s a good thing.”