Meet Golden Retriever Puppy Katly

On January 20, 2009, we learned about a loss in our Land of PureGold Foundation family, a loss for Marti Brown, one of our wonderful Board Members. From Virginia Beach, Marti began her interest in Goldens in 1978 when she and her husband, Joe, lived on their horse farm. At the time, they both thought Goldens would be a perfect fit because of their friendly nature.  Sadly, our board member, Marti Brown, lost her Golden Angel Carly girl to cancer on January 18, 2009.

Dogs come into our lives, leave paw prints on our hearts, and we are forever changed. At first they need us, but then we need them. As a result, losing that shadow at our feet is heart wrenching. But, with time and much healing those cherished memories, which never leave our heart, allow us to rejoice in the many walks that made our journeys together worthwhile.

Meet Katly, Marti’s latest therapeutic intervention, to combat the unbelievable sadness that comes when these Golden souls leave our sides. She just arrived this week and is already taking over the place.

Pretty Girl Katly

Pretty Girl Katly


2 thoughts on “Meet Golden Retriever Puppy Katly

  1. it is really a nice story of you and your dog and good that you already have found a new one…goodluck and have n nice and lovely time with your dog..

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