Scott Shields: in less than 20 words, so many lies – Updated


How does a man under federal indictment keep getting away with the telling of lies and even get himself invited to a function from the Pennsylvania Bar Institute, with Golden Retriever loving Governor Rendell in attendence, to speak about himself and his heroic deeds from 9/11?

Click here to read the indictment so that you can wonder too.

This comes from Nancy West, Scott’s book’s co-author:

Letters to the Editor, August 29, 2006, Packet Online, Princeton, NJ

TO THE EDITOR: There have been many erroneous facts, as well as misleading information printed in news and television articles about Scott Shields and his dog, Bear (TIMEOff, Aug. 25). I hope the following helps both readers and the media who may be interested in gaining greater knowledge of Bear’s true story:

1. Scott Shields refers to himself as “captain” because that is what others called him for many years on the waterfront in New York and Connecticut. This does not refer to any military or authoritative rank.
2. Scott has emergency management training, but he and Bear did not have “official” or “professional” search and rescue training.
3. Bear did not accompany Scott to the World Trade Center to do search work. He was there because he was always at Scott’s side.
4. Bear is not credited with making any live finds by a dog at the WTC.
5. Bear did not find more victims than any other rescuer or canine. Many official search and rescue canine teams stayed and worked for weeks after Bear left. Presumably, these teams made many sad discoveries.
6. Scott and Bear did not work at the Oklahoma City bombing rescue and recovery mission.
7. Scott and Bear did not respond to the earthquake in Turkey.
8. Theodorable is not Bear’s son. At this time, Theodore is not a trained search and rescue dog. Theodore has been made an honorary “mascot” in the Coast Guard Auxiliary. He is not a Coast Guard SAR canine.

Nancy West, Hero Dog Publications, Broadway, Thornwood, N.Y.
The writer is co-author and co-publisher with Scott Shields of “Bear: Heart of a Hero.”

I honestly doubt that Scott believes the repeated lies that he has put out in the media. But with the lies firmly entrenched due to poor fact-checking, it is confusing for people to truly understand who is right. How could it be possible that a man would receive proclamations and be listed in the legislature’s records for his proud deeds, when they never occurred? How could people listen to his repeated assertions of ‘Bear found the most, did the most, had the most live finds by a dog’, and not believe in his rightful place in history? How could one come away from the nearly 1500 ‘results’ from a Google Search of Bear Search and Rescue Foundation without believing in his credibility?

I guess it is the same way that despite presidential press conferences and several government documents including those from the 9/11 Commission, a recent New York Times/CBS Poll reveals that almost one-third of Americans still believe that Saddam Hussein was personally involved in the 9/11 terror attacks. And, while the White House credits some of the confusion to former CIA Director George Tenet, I guess it makes sense that Bush went on in 2004 to award him the Presidential Medal of Freedom. It must be a function of the medals Scott has received.

But, one only needs to remember what was the ultimate tragedy at Ground Zero . . . which was this. Despite the many brave firefighters and rescue professionals sadly risking their lives—and as we now learn their health—there were no live finds by a dog. The rescue effort quickly became one of recovery. How that elemental piece of information could be lost is simply beyond comprehension.

During those many months that Scott was seeking publicity so that he could detail the amazing work of his Bear, he came to speak to many groups, including that of our most impressionable youth. Think about the layers of deception in the following statement that he matter-of-factly made (on tape) to a group of boy scouts:

Now, as you listen below, let me count the lies―that in 17 seconds and less than 20 words―Scott managed to tell.

1. There is no factual information to support that Bear was the first dog inside the World Trade Center. The area involved in the attack was quite extensive and in a state of chaos. There is no way to determine whether dogs entered from another area or when they specifically entered.

2. Bear never received any formal dog training of any sort. That is, he attended no obedience, agility, or specific working dog training classes. He never received formal Search and Rescue Dog training, nor is he certified as a Search and Rescue Dog (with a record of scoring on respective examinations, etc.) .

3. Bear was on the pile for merely two days. Formal canine teams were on the premises far longer and would be expected to make many finds, albeit not of live persons.


5. As there were no live finds made by a dog, how was it possible that Bear went beyond that and found “the most live people”?



UPDATE: Well, something worked. The Pittsburgh Pet Expo is not allowing this man to be involved with their event!! One for the good guys.


4 thoughts on “Scott Shields: in less than 20 words, so many lies – Updated

  1. Rochelle –

    I know this is off topic, but I can’t find your email address anywhere. I wanted to ask a few questions about Darcy and the battle with fibrosarcoma. Please contact me at the above email address. Thanks!

  2. So have i heard correctly that his sentencing is not till October due to his lawyer pulling out?

  3. You are right about the rescheduling. I just have not posted the sad news yet. However, as to why the lawyer was terminated, that is purely speculation. Of course, we all could probably safely assume that the lawyer was tiring of the antics or that Scott was not getting him to do his bidding.

  4. Well at least we now know he is in Fort Dix, and she is next to go in – i loved the bit about having to look after their elderly mum.
    Now i hear that Patty has moved house – anyone have a clue as to where?
    The feds are still after them – have a look at – very interesting site i have been put onto.
    Pity it was jail for months it should have been 10 years+ even that would be too short for me.
    He is an insult to myself and the other responders of WTC and katrina etc.,
    New York

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