blowing bubbles

Dazzle is incredibly talented and this trick is pretty cool. This is how Dazzle was trained to blow bubbles. (We previously showed a video of Dazzling Dazzle. Check it out if you missed it. It is incredible.)

Each dip to black is when we took a break. By “break” I mean I took her away from the dish, walked her around a little, and then came back. Just one to two minutes. I have found that doing that makes our sessions a lot more productive!

At the start of the training I did a lot of quick rewarding. That’s because if I didn’t catch just the nose dip quickly, she would start sticking her paws in the bowl. Using her paws is a behavior she tends to get stuck on a lot – thus the rapid clicking in the beginning!

At one point I saw that she got “stuck” and wouldn’t put her head any lower in the dish (beginning of the third session I think) – in case it’s hard to see, what I did was toss a cookie in the dish so she dunked her head in to eat it. I clicked when she ate the cookie and after that she understood to dunk her nose.

Also, when she first blew some bubbles I jackpotted her and then only rewarded when she blew, not just when she dunked her head.