A boy and his GIANT toys

Is our going on 11-year-old Golden boy a cutie or what? Hard to believe it’s the same boy as the one in the cute puppy face photo featured on the right.

I never tire of giving him presents, which typically last forever as he is not the aggressive tear apart and shred type of dog. Alfie would rather carry his plush woobies to calm himself when some scary sound is making him apprehensive. And, he loves using them as pillows as well, which is pretty darn smart. These toys, which as you can see, dwarf him, are not organic. But, that is okay. For older dogs who are trained to be gentle with their belongings, toys like are safe. And, these seem to last forever. The duck toy is one easily thrown in the wash and I’ve had it for over 10 years.

But, the toy on top, a GIANT ladybug is new. It is made by the same company that makes the duck, and is simply marvelous as well. Check them out here.


The company also makes cotton quilted beds, that can be thrown in the washer and dryer just like a quilt, and last forever just like the toys. They are simply great to use in crates or on wood floors so that your dog has a more comfy place to settle. The Bamboo design fabric, one of many choices, is our personal favorite. I’m sure you can figure out why.